Pablo Diego

Born in São Gonçalo-RJ in 1990, he had his first contact with the Battery at the age of 14. His first teacher was the drummer / symphonic percussionist, Marcelo Vieira.

He also studied with:

Marcio Bahia
Claudio Infante
Rafael Barata
Williams Mello
Damaso Cerruti

Played and recorded with:

Dalto (Mpb)
Rayssa and Ravel (gospel)
Daniel Boaventura (pop / jazz)
Michael Sullivan (mpb)
Loalwa Braz (Kaoma group) lambada
Brazilian 2wins (USA)

Rolf Erik Nysrom (NOR)
Per Olav Kobberstad (NOR)
Ze Canuto
Dino Rangel Trio
Osmar Milito

Currently on tour with Ludmilla

Sponsored by: Pearl, Turkish, GavazziCase, Vinyl Drums and FSA

Social Media

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Leo Batera

Leonardo Feitosa de Castro, known as “Léo Batera” was born in the city of Feira de Santana in Bahia, on the 8th of June 1992.

In childhood, at the encouragement of his parents, he began to take an interest in music. Son of accordion player and brother specialized in audio, “Léo” identified himself with the Battery, (it was love at first sight). Self-taught, he started to take himself seriously, so he tried to specialize deeply and play this fantastic instrument, the drums. As a child, he accompanied his father in the city shows and balls with the band (that his father was a businessman) “SOM LIVRE", and in the intervals of the band “Léo” he gave his “private show” thus arousing his father's interested look, who soon put him to play officially in his band, doing shows all over Bahia.

Thus, the musical career of “Léo Batera” started very early, making him a musician at an early age, and was not long in demand by many Bahian bands.

His father Cicero ended the band, however, Leo continued his career, playing in other
bands and also standing out by taking firm steps in the recording area,
so called: “Studio Mouse”.

Today, at the age of 25, Léo has an extensive curriculum of recordings and participation in bands of different musical styles. From the axé (Gospel) of the singer Irmão Lázaro to the arrocha of the singer Tayrone (where he accompanied him for three years, playing and recording in Studio. The curriculum also includes: Banda Asas Livres, singer Osnir Alves (Arrocha Sertanejo) Banda Conect (Pagode Galeguinho SPA (Sertanejo Universitário), Swing Gospel Band (Pagode Gospel) tracing in their musical profile a range of rhythms, making it diversified.

Currently, Léo follows the work in his Recording Studio (Conexão Studio), shows, freelance, and workshops. In the midst of this, they also keep their social networks in full swing. An example of this is his channel on “You tube”, which today has more than 10 million views and numbers over 51 thousand subscribers. From a curious child, to an excellent music professional and passionate drummer.

Social Medias

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Kayrone Reis, born on August 7, 1995 in Maceió Alagoas. He grew up in an evangelical cradle, showing an early interest in the drums when he saw his father playing and rehearsing in the churches. Still in childhood he started playing drums. At the age of 13 Kayrone decides to study the instrument in depth and want to live on music. At 17 Kayrone begins his professional career. It is important to note that from the beginning, he had the support of his family.

In addition to Gravacões Kayrone played with several artists from Alagoas such as: Eduardo Mello, Ultima Carta, Barsílio S, Caio bay, Santaffe, Xatrez, Millenium Orchestra, Pv.mello among others.

In March 2017 he received the invitation to play with the singer and composer Mano Walter where he is part of this family currently showing his work to all Brazil / World.


- Instagram @kayronereis

- YouTube.com/kayronereis

Kadu Cardoso

The art of drums is much more than a hobby for Kadu Cardoso - he was 37 years old, born in Belém do Pará, land of curimbós. His footprint goes hand in hand with an electrifying versatility, just like a walk through Calypso, pop, metal , fusion and rock'n'roll. Kadu started his career in 1998. Still a boy, his ears pierced by hardcore ended up arousing an increasingly intense curiosity for the drum sticks - and although, in an intuitive and peculiar way, it was soon noticed that a great musician emerged. The technique, gradually perfected with its long hours of study and rehearsals, today is the synthesis of a series of musical strands. In his vast curriculum, there is work with local rock bands such as Ladybel (author - alternative rock), Crashdown (author - grunge), Linnus (cover), Ephemerals (author - metal), Unsung (cover of the band 'Helmet') , Albatroz (author - rock'n'roll), Djang (author - funk, reggae, pop, hip-hop, rock). Kadu has already performed at renowned festivals in the Pará music scene such as FABRIKAOS, FEST ROCK (festival that brought together important artists such as Roupas Nova, Capital Inicial, Lulu Santos, etc.), NEW SOUND FESTIVAL, among gym restaurants and concert halls. The I MUSIC CULTURE FESTIVAL, organized by FUNTELPA / Rede Cultura do Pará can be considered a leap in his career, since, from then on, Kadu achieved notoriety among musicians and public recognition with the extinct LadyBel. Kadu recorded CDs, video clips with various local bands. Currently Kadu Cardoso is involved with the bands exalt the Lord (Banda Gospel). Havillá (Experimental Instrumental), has already accompanied Gospel artists such as André Valadão, Cassiane, Danny Grace, Robertinho do Pará and Bruna Olly

And continues to make recordings, Workshops and Master-Class. He continues to teach at the Kadu Cardoso Institute.

Social Medias

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Junior Eugenio

Born in Caruaru / PE, began studying music in 1988 in his city government project entitled "Projeto Ré-criança", where he studied flute, after a year was noted for the ability he had with the instrument.

With the departure of teacher for 6 months he took over the project of teaching post, so the youngest professor of Caruaru / PE, with 11 years.

In 1992 he began studying drums at the music school Shekná Music where he studied for four years, thus taking the post of school teacher Shekná in 1996.

At that time he began to stand out in the Brazilian scenario for his versatility and technique, playing with artists from gospel and secular market as: Orquestra Alternativa, Banda Renovação Nordestina, Cheiro de Terra, Orquestra Made In Brazil, Orquestra Fascinação, Sinfônica do Recife, Frevo Frevante, The Bluz, El Mocambo, Banda Ofir, participation in the Banda Limão com Mel, and singers such as Normando Santos (France), Benito de Paula (RJ), Mara Maravilha (SP), Adhemar de Campos (SP), Ronaldo Bezerra (SP), Raquel Novaes (SP), Marcos Góes (RJ), Armando Filho (SP), Celso Pixinga (SP), Afonso Algusto (PE), Alvaro Tito (RJ) .Banda Trhonus (AL).

Is currently drummer On The Rocks and has an instrumental music project called CIA GROOVE, with his school teachers.

In 2002 he received the award for best gospel drummer of Pernambuco, elected by the Igreja Evangelho da Paz.

For 12 years Eugenio Jr. has been an endorsee of many brands: Orion (dishes) LIVERPOOL (Drumsticks) Model EX155 Eugenio Jr, batteries, hardware (PEARL) ,, KICKPORT (accessory p / bass drum)

Escola de Musica CIA GROOVE: After two years teaching at the Shekná Music Junior Eugenio school, founded his own school, Cia Groove, nowadays with 250 students, 64 only of drums, Cia Groove school has grown a lot, and nowadays has the best teaching team in the interior of Pernambuco, this was possible thanks to the partnerships with major Pernambuco music schools as Conservatório Pernambucano de Música and Centro de Pofissionalização e Criatividade Musical do Recife, these partnerships worked so well that in 2006 the school closed another partnership with HMP publisher, responsible for the magazine: Cover Baixo, Cover Guitarra, Cover Teclado and Batera & Percussão, where he performed as a pioneer in Brazil to 1 Edição do Festival Cover Baixo in Caruaru/PE.

In 2001 was born the desire to bring to Caruaru / PE events that only happened in the south, such as concerts and workshops, there began to produce workshops and workshows as the 1° Encontro de Bateiristas de Caruaru / PE, with drummers: Café de Jesus , Claudinho Batera, Marcelo Pereira and Jr. Eugênio.

In 2002 he closed a endorsse partnership with RMV company where he held the 1st RMV, show with drummers: Mauricio Leite, Danilo Lopes, Walter Lopes and Jr.Eugênio, and has never stopped, held workshops with: Aquiles Priester (2003, 2004 and 2005), Rafael Bittercourt (2004), Juninho Afrahn (2010), Eduardo Ardanuy (2008), Show of Bands: Angra, Oficina G3, Hangar (2004 and 2010), Glory Ópera (2009).

It also held the First National Festival Battery for BATERA & PERCUSSION magazine in 2007 with the participation of artists such as: China Castro (SP), Eduardo Cubano (SP), Oliveira Neto (MA), Sandro Souza (MT), Mauricio Chiapeta ( PE), Café de Jesus (PE), Algusto Silva (PE), Geremias Ferratti (PE), Carlinhos Papaléguas (PE), Jr.Eugênio (PE) and Darlan Marley (RN) with the presence of the Director President of the OCTAGON Mrs. Nadia Barros, who praised very much the fact such a major event happen for three days in the northeast!

Junior always served prominently in recording studios where participate as a producer in the jingles advertising agencies recordings placement throughout the region, part of the team of four city studios: BG Studio, Prol Master Digital, Transamerica studio and Mg Music Studio where he works as a producer and arranger of many styles as MPB, Regional, Gospel, Pop, Rock, Country and more.
- in 2012 he was invited by the long awaited brand PEARL drums to be part of their Endorseers team and thus further consolidate its prestige in major world brands.
Nowdays is part of the companies: Pearl Drums and Hardware, ORION Cymbals, Liverpool Drumsticks and optimizers Bumbo KICKPORT.

He continues to write a solid and promising story in the music market that is very competitive.

Stay Rock n 'Roll !!!



Diego Jean Vicent

Musician (Drummer and Percussionist) acting professionally since 2006 in Shows, Recordings, Workshops.


Luan Santana, Jorge and Mateus, Bruno and Marrone, Zezé Di Camargo and Luciano, Marilia Mendonça, Henrique and Juliano, Edson and Hudson, João Bosco and Vinícius, Lucas Lucco, Fabio Jr.,
among others.
Currently accompanies the singer Luan Santana and also his band: Eu, Trovador.

Social Medias

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Raphael Vendramini

He was born in Mogi das Cruzes - SP and began his studies at the age of 9, went through the major schools of their city, is currently coordinator and teacher at Instituto Bateras Beat Tatuapé  and also teaches at the Sound Music School in Mogi.

He is currently the drummer of the Bands Evolution and Farol de Milha also conducting workshops for his sponsors.

Among his current projects, he helps in the development and creation of new products of the sponsoring brands.

Raphael Vendramini uses Drumsticks Liverpool with a signed exclusive model, Krest cymbals and Pearl drums.

In partnership with the Drumsticks Liverpool, has a weekly channel classes with nearly 1 million views.

Social Media

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Paulinho Fonseca

He began his music studies in 86.

He always had a target to search for copyright works and always involved in the world of Rock and Pop ,.

A passion in music is Black Music and takes it to his sound.

He is a founding member of Jota Quest, a pop rock band that gained popularity in Brazil in 1996, after the signing of an important agreement with Sony Music and releasing his first album.

After 12 CDs and 7 DVDs, the group reached the milestone million copies sold. One of the main features of Paulinho is his ability to keep the weight and the groove, always using his drum kit to enrich the band's songs.

Jota Quest is one of the most renowned bands in the Brazilian scene of pop music, making more than 180 concerts a year. The group travels throughout the country, attracting crowds and causing thousands of people to madness during their performances. With the new contract with Sony Latina, the band released their first CD in Spanish to the Latin American market in 2010.

He won in 2011 his first Latin Grammy with the CD 15, commemorating 15 years of the band and in 2012 won his second Grammy with DVD Rock n Rio Live recorded in the great festival in 2011

Currently in Turner's new CD Funky Funky Boom Boom launched in 2013
Besides Liverpool Drumsticks, Paulinho is endorse of the Zildjian Cymbals, Gretsch Drums

Social Medias

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Norival D'Angelo began his career as a drummer in the '60s, becoming a pioneer of classic rock and soul funk in Brazil, actively participating in the first progressive rock movement in the country in hardrock shows with bands like Beatniks; SomBeat, among other leading the public the first cover work of Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppelin; Deep Purple.
After this phase integrated Secos & Molhados band when they were very popular attending the shows and the second CD of the band which included the hit "Flores Astrais."
Norival D'Angelo comes in the course of his career performing in concerts and recordings alongside names like:
Roberto Carlos; Luciano Pavarotti, Tim Maia; Erasmo Carlos, Gal Costa, Domenico Modugno; Sarita Montiel, Rogério Duprat, Maria Bethania, Gato Barbieri, and RC Epeciais with: Seu Jorge; Lulu Santos, Jorge Benjor, Caetano Veloso, Alcione, Rita Lee, among others.
Often travels throughout the country performing in shows; most often alongside Robert Charles; workshops and disseminating the brands it represents as endorsee.
He presented and periodically appears in sacred music temples in the world as Madison Square Garden; Radio City Music Hall, (both in N.York), Teatro La Scala.
In 2007 recorded the live DVD of Roberto Carlos for all of Latin America held in Miami.
In 2010 he participated in the DVD live recording to commemorate 50 years of RC career in the Maracana with an audience estimated of 70,000 people.
In 2011 participated in the epic DVD recording Emotions live Jerusalem with Roberto Carlos held in Israel.
From 2005 until 2014 were part of the Projetos Emoções in Altomar with Roberto Carlos where all the year start touring the Brazilian coast becoming a hit on cruises in Brazil.

Max Kolesne Liverpool endorsee

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