Liverpool is the largest manufacture of drumsticks in Brazil and its story goes back 28 years when it started to produce drumsticks to supply the samba schools participating in the Brazilian carnival.

Passionate about rhythms, Liverpool soon created a whole line of professional drumsticks to supply the needs of Brazilian drummers whose option was only imported drumsticks.

Nowadays, Liverpool distributes its drumsticks in 20 countries and has become a brand of reference in Brazil and all over the world! The company continues developing new and innovative items and offers a range of over 400 products including drumsticks, accessories for the drummer, and hand percussion instruments. Current production of drumsticks is over 150,000 pairs per month.

The first priority is quality and special care is taken to assure that all drumsticks are made with carefully selected and free of impurities, because the drummers demand a high level of quality and our production is held to the highest standards. Many models exhibit unique characteristics developed by the company such as the shape of the tip and the shaft, and the special woods used. Drumsticks undergo rigorous inspection and are paired by color, weight, length, diameter, timbre, tip shape and necks to assure they are as close to identical as possible and free of defects in quality and workmanship that may affect their grip, balance, or rebound. By this process, Liverpool assures that they deliver a first quality product, carefully manufactured to be a forerunner in both the national and international markets.

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