Leo Batera

Leonardo Feitosa de Castro, known as “Léo Batera” was born in the city of Feira de Santana in Bahia, on the 8th of June 1992.

In childhood, at the encouragement of his parents, he began to take an interest in music. Son of accordion player and brother specialized in audio, “Léo” identified himself with the Battery, (it was love at first sight). Self-taught, he started to take himself seriously, so he tried to specialize deeply and play this fantastic instrument, the drums. As a child, he accompanied his father in the city shows and balls with the band (that his father was a businessman) “SOM LIVRE", and in the intervals of the band “Léo” he gave his “private show” thus arousing his father's interested look, who soon put him to play officially in his band, doing shows all over Bahia.

Thus, the musical career of “Léo Batera” started very early, making him a musician at an early age, and was not long in demand by many Bahian bands.

His father Cicero ended the band, however, Leo continued his career, playing in other
bands and also standing out by taking firm steps in the recording area,
so called: “Studio Mouse”.

Today, at the age of 25, Léo has an extensive curriculum of recordings and participation in bands of different musical styles. From the axé (Gospel) of the singer Irmão Lázaro to the arrocha of the singer Tayrone (where he accompanied him for three years, playing and recording in Studio. The curriculum also includes: Banda Asas Livres, singer Osnir Alves (Arrocha Sertanejo) Banda Conect (Pagode Galeguinho SPA (Sertanejo Universitário), Swing Gospel Band (Pagode Gospel) tracing in their musical profile a range of rhythms, making it diversified.

Currently, Léo follows the work in his Recording Studio (Conexão Studio), shows, freelance, and workshops. In the midst of this, they also keep their social networks in full swing. An example of this is his channel on “You tube”, which today has more than 10 million views and numbers over 51 thousand subscribers. From a curious child, to an excellent music professional and passionate drummer.

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