Kadu Cardoso

The art of drums is much more than a hobby for Kadu Cardoso - he was 37 years old, born in Belém do Pará, land of curimbós. His footprint goes hand in hand with an electrifying versatility, just like a walk through Calypso, pop, metal , fusion and rock'n'roll. Kadu started his career in 1998. Still a boy, his ears pierced by hardcore ended up arousing an increasingly intense curiosity for the drum sticks - and although, in an intuitive and peculiar way, it was soon noticed that a great musician emerged. The technique, gradually perfected with its long hours of study and rehearsals, today is the synthesis of a series of musical strands. In his vast curriculum, there is work with local rock bands such as Ladybel (author - alternative rock), Crashdown (author - grunge), Linnus (cover), Ephemerals (author - metal), Unsung (cover of the band 'Helmet') , Albatroz (author - rock'n'roll), Djang (author - funk, reggae, pop, hip-hop, rock). Kadu has already performed at renowned festivals in the Pará music scene such as FABRIKAOS, FEST ROCK (festival that brought together important artists such as Roupas Nova, Capital Inicial, Lulu Santos, etc.), NEW SOUND FESTIVAL, among gym restaurants and concert halls. The I MUSIC CULTURE FESTIVAL, organized by FUNTELPA / Rede Cultura do Pará can be considered a leap in his career, since, from then on, Kadu achieved notoriety among musicians and public recognition with the extinct LadyBel. Kadu recorded CDs, video clips with various local bands. Currently Kadu Cardoso is involved with the bands exalt the Lord (Banda Gospel). Havillá (Experimental Instrumental), has already accompanied Gospel artists such as André Valadão, Cassiane, Danny Grace, Robertinho do Pará and Bruna Olly

And continues to make recordings, Workshops and Master-Class. He continues to teach at the Kadu Cardoso Institute.

Social Medias

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