Born in Florianópolis / SC

Professional musician for 15 years

Practice areas: • Drum teacher since 2004.

♦Development of methodology and video lessons for drums.
♦Workshops (workshow + product demonstration)
♦Freelancer / Sideman
♦Studio Recordings


He was involved with music at the age of 8 in the high school band, playing studying horn and guitar. At the age of 16, he chose the drums and improved himself through private lessons and courses with great masters of the Brazilian drums.

At 18 years old he already worked professionally with prominent bands in the Santa Catarina and national scene.

He played with the bands Tijuquera, Mirábilis, John Bala Jones, Luciano Bilu, Teco Padaratz, Chico Martins and others. He also participated in shows with: George Israel (KidAbelha), Léo Maia, Sandra de Sá and Toni Garrido.

He has recorded with several artists, totaling 14 CDs and several Singles, including Rock, Pop, Reggae, MPB, Samba, Bossa and Sertanejo. In 2007 he toured Portugal.

In the educational area, he has been teaching drums at the Rafael Bastos School of Music since 2015 and is preparing a series of video lessons that will accompany a wide range of teaching material.

Currently accompanies singer NelsonViana (Funk-Rock), JoãoCoiote (Reggae / Pop), BandaTowIn (SurfMusic / Groove) in addition to preparing his EP of instrumental and authorial music (Fusion), which will feature 4 songs and videos.


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