Junior Moraes, drummer and percussionist, was born in Sao Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro. At 15 he began to study music and drums. In the following years, he discovered percussion. Soon, he became one of the supporting musicians more required in his area. Was superintendent of at Departamento de Cultura de São Gonçalo, where he implemented major projects, such as the Escola Municipal de Música Pixinguinha, the record company and promoted the II Encontro Internacional de Creative Drummer (with musicians from Brazil, Argentina and Mexico). Junior is an executive and producer, and also acts as a developer of musical instruments and accessories. He's so connected to music technology and is also studio owner "Quarto dos Meninos" In addition, he has participated in numerous recordings and TV shows. Junior has as one of his main features the versatility and also has designed and developed settings for each job. He plays with various artists, among them the guitarist and composer Celso Fonseca, the English singer Dan Torres and integrates the roots instrumental trio, where he combines instruments considered unconventional as Didigeridoo, Weissenborn, knitwear and electronic textures with ethnic drums and Brazilian rhythms to play music releases from multiple sources.

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