Igor Bernardo

He started his musical studies at the age of 11 in the city of Marabá-Pará with the battery of his church. With the rapid growth it started to be nominated for several gospel artists where he acted and performed with many of them.

In 2012 he moved to São Paulo-SP to reach new musical horizons, where studied in large schools and obtained classes with renowned musicians.

Like any beginning musician, he always had in his heart the ambition for studies and grow musically, be one of the best students at the Alex Drum School de Rizzo (Ribeirão Preto - SP) where he became a Professor in the second semester of 2013.

In the brands visited the Capital Paulista in 2014 there is a need to improve and shape your knowledge in a peculiar way on your Double Pedal and your traditional grip technique that is its differential today.

With the big goals achieved he started to be seen by the big brands of the Brazilian market where it represents some of them. I currently reside in Marabá-PA where there are several projects covering the entire state.

Works and Training

♦Participated in the Instrumental Quartet of Maestro Pianista Tiago Valenth,
♦Former Educator at the Conservatory Carlos Gomes. Belém / PA - 2010.
♦Worked with Gospel Singers:
♦Disco Praise (SonyMusic) - Mylla Karvalho (Former Calypso Company) - Renata Warrior (Former Axé Blond) - Davi Sacer (SomLivre) - Marquinhos Gomes (MK) - Jonas Vilar (SomLivre) - Crís Durán - Pâmela (MK) - MC Dentinho (SquareRecords) - Diogo Santos (Pará) -Jonas Gama (Pará) and many others ...
♦Attended the Alex De Rizzo Battery School, Ribeirão Preto SP - 2013.
♦Attended Conservatory EM&T (School of Music and Technology)
♦He took a private class with Drummer Bruno Valverde.
♦He was part of the Instrumental Trio 'The3Children' sponsored by Loja de Musical Instruments “Play Tech Brasil” - São Paulo / SP - 2014.
♦Taught Drum Lessons at the Alex de Rizzo Battery School - Ribeirão Preto - SP 2014.
♦Currently works in SideMan with the singer Mylla Karvalho and several other artists.
♦Teaches Drum Lessons at Escola GAP de Marabá-PA (Pará Arts Gallery).
♦He is a mentor of the BAPE Project (Beats with Perfection) in Marabá-PA, which offers Music workshops, workshops and workshows across the state.
♦Participated in the second edition of the Batuque 2015 Project in Belém-PA with Tiago Belém, Karén Igléa, Edvaldo Cavalcante and Adriano Sousa.
♦Participated in the third edition of Batuque 2016 in Belém-PA with Tiago Belém and Cuca Teixeira.

Social Medias

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