Éder Medeiros

Éder Rodrigues Medeiros, Brazilian, was born in 1985, in Tubarão / SC. Coming from a family of musicians, he started playing drums as a fun at the age of 10 (1995). His first drums were improvised with pads and milk cartons, with which he had fun playing with his father, who already played professionally.

His second drums were improvised with paint cans, his plates were made of steel plate with rivets, where he could already play some rhythms.

His first band was set up at the age of 11 (1996) where he played songs from the time such as: Capital Inicial, TNT and Mamonas Assassinas.

In the beginning, his main influences were drummers from several bands such as: Rush, Iron Maden, Metallica and Guns n`Roses.

At the age of 12 (1997) he won his first professional drums playing with rock bands, pagode, in addition to accompanying his parents playing Catholic songs at church and at community events. It was by participating in Catholic events that he received his first proposal to play professionally and receive some remuneration for his work. The proposal arose at the age of 14 (1999), through friends who accompanied a musician priest named Fr. Edson, who, in turn, played shows throughout the region. From then on, works started to appear, some shows, masses, recordings and even presentations on TV programs. It was making his name with a lot of humility, respect and seriousness that at the age of 16 (2001) he received another proposal to work in a dance band. The band was called “Stigma”, which with a busy schedule and a great structure, played covers of country music, pagode and pop rock.

Already working professionally, and very determined to pursue a career, at 16 (2001) decided to look for a qualified teacher so that he could take some Drum Lessons and improve his knowledge. He studied a little over 2 years with Cristiano Forte / RS, appropriating many important information for his professional skill. He learned to listen to good music and discovered great world-renowned drummers such as: Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Kiko Freitas and many others.

At the age of 18 (2003) he founded his band "Haze", where he played covers of his time like Dream Theater, Angra and Helloween. The band performed in different places, the most important of which was the opening of Drummer Aquiles Priester's Workshop (Hangar) in Criciúma / SC for more than 150 drummer musicians.

He began to teach private drum lessons, where he taught beginner and intermediate level exercises, reaching up to 15 students.

In the same year, after leaving the band "Stigma", he was hired to work in one of the biggest bands in the southern region called Bandativa, in which he gained great experience for playing alongside the best musicians in the region, and for being able to participate in the opening of shows by bands such as Nazareth, Creedence, CPM22, Kid Abelha, Titãs, Chain Reaction, Babado Novo, etc.

In December 2005, he had his first participation in the Drum Workshop. He was invited by his teacher to open the event that took place in Criciúma / SC, which had two great nationally renowned drummers.

In the same year, at the invitation of his teacher, he participated in a Workshop in the city of Itajaí / SC.

In June 2006, together with his event partner Marcos Giraldi, he organized the Drummer Aquiles Priester / SP (Hangar) Workshop in Tubarão / SC, with this event being prestigious for approx. 250 people. In November of that same year, together with his partner Alexandre Fornasa, he held the Master Class with Marcelo Moreira / RS (Burning In Hell) in Braço do Norte / SC.

In September 2006, he participated in the Music Festival of Itajaí / SC, where he studied Brazilian music for a week and attended several concerts by MPB and Jazz. The Professor of the Drum Workshop was the great drummer Edu Ribeiro / SP.

Parallel to these works, he always sought to improve his knowledge in classes and courses related to music and his instrument. Studied from 2006 with great drums such as: Marquinhos Fé / RS (Frank Solari), Edu Ribeiro / SP (Chico Pinheiro), Aquiles Priester / SP (Hangar), Carlos Ezequiel / SP (Solo) and participated in several Workshops and Master Class throughout the region.

He collaborated with the foundation of the Association of Musicians of Vale Braçonortense (A.M.V.B), with the intention of holding music events in the region, with the support of friends, students and the local city hall. In addition, he is a Member / Founder of the School of Music Acordes e Rufos de Braço do Norte / SC.

In May 2007, he organized, together with A.M.V.B, a Workshop with Drummer Elóy Casagrande / SP (André Mattos). In July of the same year, he held a Workshop with Guitarist Kiko Loureiro / SP (Angra). Both events took place in Braço do Norte / SC, with an audience of approx. 150 people. Also in 2007, he participated in the 1st Odery and Modern Drummer Festival, National Drummer Contest, where he was classified to be among the 10 drummers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. In November he performed at the Contest in Porto Alegre / RS, but unfortunately did not obtain the classification for the next stage.

In March 2008, together with A.M.V.B, he organized a Workshop with Drummer Zé Montenegro / RS, in the city of Braço do Norte / SC, where he held the opening of the Workshop playing some instrumental themes.

In April of the same year, he organized, again with his partner Marcos Giraldi, a Workshop with the drummer Aquiles Priester / SP. Also in 2008, he promoted a Master Class for his students with this same drummer in Tubarão / SC.

In August, together with A.M.V.B, he organized a Workshop with the bassist of Zimbo Trio, Itamar Collaço / SP, in Braço do Norte / SC, where he accompanied him playing some instrumental themes of Brazilian Music and some Jazz Standards.

In September, he once again participated in the Music Festival of Itajaí / SC, where he studied Brazilian music for a week and attended several concerts by MPB and Jazz. The Professor of the Drum Workshop that year was Carlos Ezequiel / SP.

Also in September, he traveled to São Paulo to participate in Expomusic 2008, where he made a visit to his sponsor of club sticks Liverpool, acquiring a lot of information about Music, Musical Instruments and Technology.

In October, he realized a dream, was invited to give an interview in the largest drum magazine in the world, called Modern Drummer. His interview was published on a full page in the magazine.

In July 2011, he was again classified for the Batuka Contest! Festival. He was a finalist among more than 250 drummers in a national team.

In September of the same year, he was at the Expomusic music fair now this time to present himself at the stand of one of the brands that sponsors him: Prime.

In July 2012, he left the band Dragon's Cry, joining the work with the musician Sandro Rios where he performs in shows throughout the South Region of the country.

In January 2013, he was at the largest music fair in the world called THE NAMM SHOW where it was a great experience to be alongside world music icons.

In July he took classes with Virgil Donati in Porto Alegre.

In September of the same year he was at Expomusic in São Paulo.


  • Teaches private drum lessons in his studio in Tubarão / SC, in Braço do Norte / SC at Escola Acordes e Rufos with over 60 private students;
  • Teaches Workshops across the country;
  • He is a member of the band Sandro Rios;
  • Acts in studio recordings;
  • Study daily, always looking for improvement in your instrument;

Receives the support

♦Liverpool Drumsticks
♦Prime Drums
♦Meinl Cymbals.

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