Thiago Sena born on 10/02/1989 Redenção PA, Drummer Always interested in music. He started playing at the age of 11 in the church, took classes for three years and started playing professionally at the age of 15.
Studied at EMB - Music School of Brasília.
Thiago has several influences in his musical formation. The names he is inspired by are: Carlos Bala, Kiko Freitas, and Cuca Teixeira, Eric Moore, Vinnier Colaiuta, benny greb and Thomas Lang where he accompanied a great musical experience in Goiânia.
He is a Christian and a large part of his musical performance is focused on contemporary Christian music.
He has played with several artists and bands. Those who most marked him were: Marcela Taís - RJ, Bruno Branco - MG, Helvio Sodré - DF, Milena Ângelo - DF, Banda Renovo - DF, Júnior Neguebe - DF, Arena Louvor - DF, marquinhos gomes - RJ, Carlinhos Felix - SP, Aline Barros - RJ, Singer Júlio Cesar - SP, Singer Rodrigo Messer sertanejo, Roniel and Rafael - DF, Ouvir e Crer Ministry - GO Had some endorses Arborea cymbals and Drumsticks Arbórea Diza hard case, Zion Cymbals br.
Today he gives classes, makes recordings and Workshops, Master class.

Currently Official Drummer Banda Duoroots - DF and does freelance shows, online recordings and workshops all over Brazil!

Today is endorse Liverpool Drumsticks, Gess Drumheads Skins, kick control, Eartech1, Rubber Wheel, Artistic partner stores
Alberto Teclados Music Shop - DF, Contact pro - DF

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