Sebastian Cavaletti



He began his musical studies in the United States, school Frontier South Deerfield, of Massachusetts.
Disciple from teachers like Fernando Caferri and Amilcar Ariganello.
Professor, author of “Guia dePlatillo” and “Guia de Supervivencia para Bateristas” (cocina for drummers), clinical “El platillo Master Class” and seminars “Drum Doctor” and “I Love Groove” presented in various educational institutions in Argentina. He wrote for different media. With discs published in Argentina, Spain and Mexico, among others, performed with his music in the Teatro Astral de Calle Corrientes in Argentina last year at the Evento Internacional ZILDJIAN DAY.
Drummer at the Banda Argentina Mancha de Rolando, currently playing with the “El CHAVEZ”. He is also producing a new album of his jazz band Trio urban “Orquestra Mirasoles” and working in his studio in other productions.
At the same time develops as Drum Doctor working with the most important disk producers as the new CD Gustavo Cordera (Bersuit), Bicicletas, Shangai and Jaqueca among others.
Currently also teaches private lessons and drum workshop in Argentina.

Liverpool 2016.

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