Renato Soares

Renato Soares N

Renato Soares, 23 years old from Fortaleza, currently residing in Porto Velho, drummer musician since 2004, graduated from Escola de Musica da Fundação Cultural of Ji-Paraná-RO, participated in many music festivals around the state of Rondonia, as rock ‘n Jipa, Casarão, Poraquê and Rock’ n Cristo. Is currently drummer of MDU band (Maré de Unção) a band with a unique style with various influences, with an alternative rock music, reggae and hip-hop band that has 5 years of training and has performed in several cities in the state of Rondonia, now with the purpose of recording the first CD. Participated several years as drummer of the Ministerio de Louvor da Primeira Igreja Batista de Ji-Parana, he worked for a year and a half in the Escola de Musica da Igreja Missionaria Unida em Ji-Parana, teaching drums for underprivileged children, etc., forming drummers to worship ministry and now lives in the state capital, is the leader and drummer of Louvor da Igreja Bola de Neve in Porto Velho, autonomous musician and tutor for beginners.

Liverpool 2016.

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