Kadu Menezes

Kadu Menezes


1965 – Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on February 20, 1965.

1974 – He began studying drums at age of 9 influenced by his older cousin who was playing a guitar.

1975 – At age 10 entered the music school “Pro Arte” (RJ) and begins to study with Joca Moraes, who was and still a professor of renowned drummers.

1980 – At age 15, invited by Joca, becomes part of the Escola Pro Art where as a teacher taught classes for drummers as Renato Massa (Ed Motta), André Bava (Bangalafumenga), Paulinho Moraes (Be Happy) among others.

1982 – He formed his first band called “Front” with his friends Bruno Araújo (ex-Legião Urbana), Beto (singer), Nani Dias (now Os Britos) and Ricardo Palmeira (ex-Cazuza and current music producer at TV Globo).

1984 – Front becomes the backing band of singer Léo Jaime in album tour “Afternoon Session”

1988 – Invited to join Lobão’s band, where he remained for four years and recorded two albums. “Sob o Sol de Parador” recorded in Los Angeles in 1989 with production of Liminha and “Lobão ao vivo” recorded in 1990 at the Hollywood Rock, considered by the media and public, as the best festival of the show.

1990 – Still working with Lobão creates the band “TELEFONE GOL” with Dé Palmeira (Barão Vermelho), Serginho Serra and Nani Dias.

1991 – Begins to join the band Kid Abelha, invited by the producer Nilo Romero.

1994 – produces his first CD with the “Kids” called “Meio Desligado”.

Ceases to be part of the Pro-Art school for not be able to conciliate with the many works in the studio, watching, producing or riding the recording machines.

As a producer, musician and engineer, accompanied the following and discs:

1994 – Platinum Disc from the CD “Meio Desligado” – Kid Abelha

1996 – Disco tribute to Mutantes called “Triangulo Sem Bermudas” with artists like Ney Matogrosso, Gilberto Gil, Toni Garrido, Lulu Santos, Paulinho Moska, Herbert Vianna, Jorge Mautner, Red Baron, Planet Hemp, Arnaldo Antunes, Edgard Scandurra, André Abujamra , Lucinha Turbull and Celso Fonseca.

1996 – Double platinum disc by the CD “Meu mundo gira em torno de você” – Kid Abelha

1997 – Golden disc for the CD “Kid Abelha em Espanhol” – Kid Abelha

1998 – Golden disc for the CD “Auto Love” – Kid Abelha

1998 – Platinum Disc for CD “Remix” – Kid Abelha

2000 – Disc for the CD “Coleção” – Kid Abelha

2001 – Disc for the CD “Surf” – Kid Abelha

As an arranger and musician on the following discs:

2002 – Album “Acústico MTV” – Kid Abelha

2005 – Disc “Pega Vida” – Kid Abelha

2005 – founded with Bruno Araújo (ex- Legião Urbana) the KABRUN studio where they recorded and edited artists of solo albums as Rodrigo Santos (BArão Vermelho), Serginho Serra (Ultraje a Rigor), George Israel (Kid Abelha), Primadonna band               (competitor as a revelation group Prêmio Multishow) and Banda Cof Damu tribute project to Beatles producer Marcelo Fróes.
2011/12/13/14 Playing and helping the band of Léo Jaime support in the TV program “Amor e Sexo” – Fernanda Lima

2013 – Participated in the Rock in Rio 4

2014 – Continued work with the power trio “Rodrigo Santos & Os Lenhadores”who participated in the Rock in Rio 4 with great success. Rodrigo Santos & Os Lenhadores, recorded and produced four solos CDs. Currently doing an average of 20 shows per month. We recorded a DVD with the participation of several artists, including the current Guns keyboardist, Chris Pittman.
We received in a show here in Rio de Janeiro the legendary guitarist of The Police, Andy Summers, with whom we made André Midani project called “Inusitado” where also attended the bossa nova master, Roberto Menescal. Also we conducted a tour in November 2014 with Andy Summers playing Barão Vermelho and The Police in major Brazilian cities.

2015 – Party Rock Project Launch with production of Roberto Menescal, now in November, our 2nd tour with Andy Summers, Rodrigo Santos & The Lumberjacks that happened in August. We played in issue 30 years of Rock in Rio on 26 September.
Artists and bands that had the honor of playing, producing, recording as a musician and sound engineer.

Paulo Ricardo (RPM); Cazuza; Almir Sater; Eduardo Dusek; Sandra de Sá; Sérgio Dias (Mutantes); Léo Jaime; Lobão; Roberto Frejat (Barão Vermelho); Kiko Zambianchi; Ritchie; Pepeu Gomes; Ney Matogrosso; Gilberto Gil; Dinho (Capital Inicial); Plebe Rude; Toni Garrido (Cidade Negra); Paulinho Moska; Herbert Vianna (Paralamas); Edgard Scandurra (Ira); Zelia Duncan; George Israel (Kid Abelha); Rodrigo Sha (Bossa Cuca Nova), Cinema à Dois (Fabio Fonseca), Duo Phoenix (Claudio Dauelsberg and Delia Fischer), João Penca and their Miquinhos Amestrados, Fausto Fawcett and Robôs Efêmeros, Pato Fu, Jorge Mautner, Blues Etílicos, Lulu Santos, Planet Hemp, Flávio Guimarães solo, Arnaldo Antunes (Titans), Daúde, André Abujamra, Tom Zé, Lucinha Turnbull, my bands Front, Telephone Gol, Rodrigo Santos (Barão Vermelho)

Wagner Tiso, Leoni, Kid Vinyl, Ricardo Silveira, André Guimarães, Ricardo Bomba, O Espantalho, Dadi Carvalho (A Cor do Som), Rixco, Chris Pitiman (Guns Roses), Donavon Frankenreiter, Jaques Morelenbaum, Tico Santa Cruz (Detonautas), Primadonna, Cof Damu, Tuia Lencioni, Paula Toller (solo), Isabela Taviani, Engenheiros do Hawai, Ivo Meirelles, Sergio Serra (Ultraje), Papel de Mil, Rollando Stones, double backlands Rud and Robson.

Liverpool 2016.

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