Paulinho Santos, was born in Fortaleza, is a musician, teacher and arranger. He began the first steps in music at age of 19 playing in the church, which aroused the love for the instrument that accompanies nowadays. At 22 he joined Dr. Paulo Sarasati music band better known as Banda Piamarta, where he could enjoy a greater contact with the drums, in a more complex way. In 2005 he began playing professionally always trying to improve with big names from the music scene as Diego Campos, Marcos Cavalcante, Luizinho Duarte and Ricardo Pontes. He also studied with Kiko Freitas and Oscar Bolão one of his major influences, always trying to improve his methods, techniques and reading. Always following the great drums masters.

In 2006 he joined the instrumental group Mr. Bamba at which participated in several projects such as: Instrumental BNB, Festival Petruchio Maia, Retratos do Vento, Feira da Música, among others.

In 2007, he began to teach classes in music schools, and currently is professor at the Conservatório de Musica Alberto Nepomuceno!

In 2011, he started a new instrumental music project with the "Quarteto Arapuca". The group, composed of four members, is an interesting mix of the best of Brazilian music and acclaimed jazz. Initially convened only to study the Arapuca began participating in many projects in Fortaleza as Dragão Instrumental, Amostra de musica Petrucio Maia, week presentations of the Semana da Música da Universidade Estadual do Ceará participated in two editions of the Festival Mestre dos Graves 2012 and 2013 following the bassists as Iury Santos, Luciano Franco, Iran Laurindo and Celso Pixinga, already in 2014 he participated in the festival Sax In Cena following the saxonista Andre Leano.

In addition to instrumental works, Paulinho Santos has already accompanied several singers in studio projects, DVDs and live shows. David Duarte, Savio Leão, Marcelo Randemark, Paulo Façanha, Melquiades, Priest Fabio de Mello, Eugenio George, Suelly Façanha, Flavinho, Priest Cleidimar, Diego Fernandes, Deivison Silva, Marquinhos Gomes, Communion and Pr. Jose Luiz Moses (Voz da Verdade), are some of the artists Paulinho Santos has worked.

Nowadays Paulinho Santos is an endorsser of the brands Pearl Drums, istanbul cymbals Mehmet and drumsticks Liverpool!

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