Mauricio is a percussionist, educator and music therapist. He has a degree in music and two master's degrees: Music Therapy and
Music as Interdisciplinary Art.

He is a versatile percussionist; he performs and records on projects of various genres, such as Latin jazz, salsa, Latin American music, jazz, Brazilian music, flamenco, afro, world music, funk, rock, as well as music for documentaries and films.

Mauricio is a full-time professor at Colegio Universidad San Francísco de Quito
of Music - Berklee College of Music International Network, Quito - Ecuador.

From 2009 to 2014 he lived in Barcelona - Spain where he studied two master's degrees in music and worked as a percussionist, music therapist and teacher.

Founder, director and composer of La Sonora Libre, a salsa and Latin jazz orchestra, which has two albums released and tours in Europe.

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