Maikon Jonas Ponath
Age: 33 years
Place of birth: Corupá - Santa Catarina - Brazil
Maikon Ponath
Education: Degree in Music UFRGS - 2012; Specialization in Music Education Faculdade São Fidelis - Grupo Censupeg 2016.
He began his musical studies in 1994, being initially instructed by his brother, soon afterwards he entered the music school of Corupá Jazz Band Elite, where he learned to play the trumpet and took music theory classes which became very important in his musical development. . With the direction of Professor Maestro José Sluminsky, still in his adolescence, he participated in the years 1999 and 2002 of the International Festival of Bands and Fanfare in Mellipila, Chile.
In 2003 he began his studies at the Donaldo Ritzmann School of Music in São Bento do Sul, supervised by Professor Abel Hack, obtaining the certification in the fundamental study granted by the institution. In 2007 he enrolled in the Higher Music Course at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, at the São Bento do Sul center - SC Graduating in 2012, obtaining the title of Music Licensee. In 2016 I concluded his Specialization in Music Teaching in the Postgraduate Course in Music Education at Faculdade São Fidelis - Censupeg.
Still in 2004 He joined the Jaraguá do Sul Philharmonic Orchestra as a scholarship student where he took classes with professor Márcio Szulak where he was presenting the world of orchestral percussion, until today he remains in the group's casting. Since 2014, this orchestra has presented the Caminhos da Música Series, where it travels the state of Santa Catarina with the POP Concerts series, where with a structure of Light and Image and Differentiated Repertoire, it aims to present the Orchestra Music in a different format with the In order to form an audience, this series of concerts has already traveled beyond Jaraguá do Sul to the cities of Joinville, Florianópolis, Blumenau, Itajaí, São Bento do Sul, Balneário Camboriú and Joaçaba, among others.
Participated in music festivals such as FEMUSC - Santa Catarina Music Festival where he had the opportunity to study with professors Michael Rosen (USA), Carmo Bartolini (BRA), Eduardo Gianesella (BRA), Pedro Carneiro (POR), Eduardo Leandro (BRA), Fábio Oliveira (BRA), In 2016 He was invited to be a teacher in the FEMUSC YOUTH Course, in this which is one of the largest Music Festivals in the Americas.
Since 2012 he has been working as a teacher of music and instrumental practices at Colégio Evangélico Jaraguá connected to the Synodal Education Network (Lutheran School) in the city of Jaraguá do Sul. working in partnership with the other professors of the Institution. Since 2012 he has been working as a Drum and Percussion Teacher at ENCORE - National Meeting of Instrumental Sets of the Education Synodal Network, promoted by the Education Synodal Network.
He participated in the 2014 - 2015 Seasons of the Orquestra Cidade de Joinville as a Drummer - Percussionist and also as a teacher giving music workshops to the Joinville City Community - SC. He participated in several concerts, and in the Itinerante Itinerante project, which aimed at promoting art in the community of the City of Joinville and the northern region of SC.
In the years 2016 and 2018 He participated as a Percussion Teacher in the Femusc Jovem Program at the Santa Catarina Music Festival - Femusc.
In 2017 and 2018, he worked in the School Bands Program of the Jaraguá do Sul City Hall, which aims to provide musical learning opportunities for children and young people in the Jaraguá do Sul Municipal Education Network.

In 2018 he took the position of Professor of Drums at the Sociedade Cultura Artística de Jaraguá do Sul, an important cultural and musical center in Santa Catarina. SCAR is the stage where Femusc takes place, within SCAR it acts directly in the music-pedagogical project Música, Para Todos and SCAR Youth Orchestra in addition to teaching in the music school in the form of private drum lessons.
Currently, besides his teaching career, he is developing a musician's career as a percussionist in the Jaraguá do Sul Philharmonic Orchestra, and a drummer acting as a freelance musician in concerts and recordings.

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