Release Luciano (LULUBATERA)

He was born in Recife-PE in 1983 and started playing drums from a very young age, influenced by his father Mario, who was a drummer in the classic band TERRA SECA in 1997.

In 2000, he formed his first band, DARK VISION, in which he had the opportunity to get to know a show routine and improve his technique, since he is self-taught, and has always stood out in the musical environment of Recife for presenting an enormous intimacy with the instrument.

Over time he was invited to compose several other bands of varying styles. With these he made several shows in other states (RN, BA, PB, AL, CE, SP), participating in TV programs, interviews in newspapers and zines, radio programs and etc ...

He is an artist recognized in the Recife scene, not only as a musician, but also for his work as drum tech on stage, performing in great shows such as the German SCORPIONS, among others. He has already participated in the opening act of the bands, Torture Squad, Ratos de Porão, Andralls, NervoChaos, Exodus, Hellbenders, Brujeria, Nação Zumbi, NX0, Lenine, Raimundos, Edson Gomes, Alceu Valença, etc.

Currently playing as a musician hired by other artists of the local scene, both in concert and in recordings, acting strongly in the nights of Pernambuco.


Lulu Batera has just released his solo CD, "On the Road", which features great musicians such as: guitarist Robertinho from Recife, Antônio Araújo (Korzus) and much more. This album was composed and produced by Lulu himself, has nine songs that he recorded the base guitars, bass, guitar and drums. Already available on most digital platforms.

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