Kayrone Reis, born on August 7, 1995 in Maceió Alagoas. He grew up in an evangelical cradle, showing an early interest in the drums when he saw his father playing and rehearsing in the churches. Still in childhood he started playing drums. At the age of 13 Kayrone decides to study the instrument in depth and want to live on music. At 17 Kayrone begins his professional career. It is important to note that from the beginning, he had the support of his family.

In addition to Gravacões Kayrone played with several artists from Alagoas such as: Eduardo Mello, Ultima Carta, Barsílio S, Caio bay, Santaffe, Xatrez, Millenium Orchestra, Pv.mello among others.

In March 2017 he received the invitation to play with the singer and composer Mano Walter where he is part of this family currently showing his work to all Brazil / World.


- Instagram @kayronereis

- YouTube.com/kayronereis

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