Guilherme Santana

He was born in Goiânia and his interest in drums started early. He got his musical initiation at age of two years old, and when he was six years, has participated in the musical group of his local church. A little later, at twelve, he had his first professional opportunity, which opened doors and made him play with several artists of Brazilian Christian segment.

In 1996 already 18, he participated in a respected drummers national contest (Batuka), sponsored by the exceptional drummer Vera Figueiredo, ranked second, and so in 1997 had the opportunity to record the CD Batuka, and also begin to solidify his their work making the opening of the Australian drummer Virgil Donati workshop known worldwide. With these works, he promoted his name in segment by major magazines of the time (Modern Drummer Brazil, Cover Batera and Audio & Tecnologia), and also conducting several workshops in many cities.

In 2003 he went to the US, where he intensified his studies for two years, studying with Christopher Coleman professor at Drummer's Collective in New York. He played with Gwen Huges (jazz singer) in Atlanta, GA, CCCB - Cumberland Comunnity Church Band also in Atlanta, Rodney in Boston, MA (singer of Soul and R & B), Harlem Gospel Singers in NY (Funk, Soul and R & B).

Also in the US participated in clinics and workshops with drummers as Jeff Hamilton (with who had contemporary jazz lessons), Sonny Emmory, Christopher Coleman, Tony Royster Jr., Aaron Spears, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Johnny Raab, Dennis Chambers, Akira Jimbo, Peter Erskine, Virgil Donati, pianist Chick Corea, guitarist Mike Stern, among others.

Participated in the Drum Off 2004 event organized by Guitar Center where 33,000 drummers were enrolled from across the US, ranking among the top 15 placed around the country and the best position of the South US.

He currently works in his own studio, where he specialized in battery recordings, having done several recordings of various styles, collecting in his curriculum more than 600 CD's recorded and over 45 DVD's.

In 2007 he was teacher at Canto da Primavera in Pirenópolis alongside Thiago Espirito Santo, Daniel Santiago, Eduardo Neves, and Kiko Continentino, and also for several years accompanying goianos artists in this event.

Social Medias

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