Gerson Lima Filho

Musician drummer from Indaiatuba, was born in 1982, began studying / playing at age of 08, with great support and musical influence from his parents, went through different bands and styles.

He graduated in 2005 in the IP&T (Instituto de percussão e Tecnologia) where during years he studied with Christiano Rocha, beside specific techniques with several teachers as Giba Favery, Jayme Pladevall, Ivan Busic, Cuca Teixeira among others.

He participated in Festival da Revista Modern Drummer (www.moderndrummer.com.br) held in November / 2004, as a guest, along with João Barone (Paralamas do Sucesso), Ricardo Confessiori (Shaman), Maguinho (Chitãozinho and Xororó), Serginho Herval (Roupa Nova), Igor Willcox (Family Lima), Giba Favery (Luciana Mello), among others. He participated in the 2nd. edition of Batera e Percussão festival magazine.

He has a project with the power instrumental trio of Rock fusion called Alien Groove which has released a CD entitled "Ao Vivo" which had a great impact at a specific audience, and in May 2008, the Alien Groove released a DVD mixing the live show and  music recorded in the studio.
Participate in this trio the guitarist Rodrigo and the bassist Viktor Rodrigo De Lima.

Accompanies the group Mulheres em Acordes formed by the singers: Sonia de Morais, Monica Avila Domingues, Kika Baldasseirine, Sara Bonfim and with the musicians: Viktor Lima (bass) and the producer Eron Guarnieri (piano).

He teaches particular drums classes since 1999 for any age group, having his own methodology, developed to meet the needs of each student.

Via Internet, has a teaching distance project, Gers-On Line, virtual learning system drums.
He owns the YouTube channel "Gerson Lima Filho - Videos" which has over 2 million views / 15,000 subscribers. His channel covers techniques, tips, etc ...

Is a columnist for the site batera.com.br (www.batera.com.br) and Modern Drummer Magazine (national version).

In the second half of 2014 will release his first DVD called "Plantão GF - Viradas de Rock". This DVD will have several volumes where 20 face will be showed, including PDF and 3 types of audio option.

Social Medias

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