Fabinho Viotto

At the age of ten, Fabinho Viotto, as he is known, was already enchanted with music. His father was a drummer in the 1970s in a Beatles cover band, which inspired him.

The profession already pointed out when he began to attend the rehearsals of neighborhood friends who had bands of pop rock. His eyes did not leave the battery. "One day, in the interval of an essay, I sat on the drum and felt totally inspired. I did not waste time, I joined a samba school that I had at home, like a bass drum, a rusty box and made a pedal with cardboard in some springs rolled in the structure. Ready! This was my first hit, or rather a prototype of it. I tried to play every day in this work until I got my first instrument, those with eucatex helmets, well, scrawny. After a few years and rolls, I managed to exchange for a quality one. I was even more motivated, wanting to play all day. "

Self-taught until the age of 17, Viotto began working as a freelancer and earning his first cousins as a musician. Since then, he has recorded hits from 2004 to 2011 with Jeito Moleque Group and at the end of 2011, he was invited by music producer and bassist Wilson Prateado to join the musicians team of singer Belo, where he remained from 2011 to January 2016 In February of this same year, he was invited by the singer Thiaguinho to be part of his musicians, where he is currently a drummer.

He has supported and endorsement of: Tango Musical Instruments, Arborea Cymbals, Novitá Music, Aquarian Drumheads, BateraClube, Hello Cases Hard Cases and Gavazzi Cases and Bags.

"I've worked with hundreds of groups, because every week I'm in the studio recording groups and singers," says Viotto, who ensures that the good side of the profession is to become a reference for new musicians, to distribute and acquire knowledge and to make many friends.



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