Eduarda Henklein

Eduarda, born in Joiville, Santa Catarina, Brazil and since she was very young, before learning to walk, she already showed a great interest in music, always humming and drumming and trying to take timbre of something, from the table, toys, wall, all the time!

We bought a drum set for her as a toy when she was one and a half years old and she played for a while, then forgot it, rarely playing with it.

However, on February 15, 2014 I her mother saw the drums in the middle of the living room and then asked, Who put the drums in the livingroom? She (Duda) answered: I did it mom, now I'll play drums!

Her father Mark was there and asked: play something to me, and she soon began to do, he was asking her; and she repeated exactly the same, we were amazed and started to record it.

After she started playing, we realized the need to put her into a music school, so she could learn the best way possible, however due to the young age only 4, schools did not accept, just with 7 years old. We sent a video of her playing to a school and after seeing it they called for an evaluation and then she was enrolled, so she started going the drum lessons, between the third and fourth week she started playing drums, having only one class per week lasting from 45 minutes to one hour.

TV shows already performed

♦Globo (Mais Você)

♦Globo (RBSTV SC)

♦Globo (RBSTV SC Jornal do Almoço)

♦RIC Record (Ver Mais)

♦RIC Record (Hoje em Dia)

♦TVbe tv Cidade Espaço Cidadania
Você sabe fazer - Karol Meier (06.01.2014)
♦TVBE Som da gente 25 /05/2014
♦TVBE Ar Canal 11 06/13/2014

YouTube Songs

♦Highway the hell AC/DC
♦Iron Maiden - Wasting Love
♦Armandinho - Toca uma regueira aí
♦Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
♦Creedence - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
♦New edition, Is this the end
♦Sweet Child O 'Mine - Gun's Roses

Sites Materials and international posts

♦Le Huffington Post (Canada)
♦Le Bon Lien Paris (France)

♦MDR (France)

♦Mes Actus (France)

♦Bleu France (France)

♦L'avenir (Belgium)

♦Aufeminin (Switzerland)

♦Ohmymag (Belgium)

♦Issy-les-Moulineaux (France),video-a-4-ans-elle-a-le-rythme-dans-la-peau,2444783.asp

Materials in blogs, websites and national news:


♦Band (TV Bandeirantes)

♦Materia 1" Iron Maiden 666 Brazil (Brazil)

♦Materia 2" Iron Maiden 666 (Brazil)

♦Materia 3" Iron Maiden 666 (Brazil)

♦Jornal Noticias do Dia (RIC)

♦Rock 'n heavy Jornal onássicos-do-rock?fb_action_ids=10202441560296829&fb_action_types=og.likes


♦Roberto Lorenzon

♦pt Jornal


♦cover battles



♦moto radio club

♦Rock and videos

♦Equipe NASA 4 × 4. blogspot


♦Girls on Drum Festival 2014
She is only four years but has a long list of videos and presentations and even an e-mail received from Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden Drummer), with compliments for the music she posted (Wasting Love) which was shown three times in the Iron Maiden 666 Brazi website.

♦Materia 1" Iron Maiden 666 Brazil (Brazil)

♦Materia 2" Iron Maiden 666 (Brazil)

♦Materia 3" Iron Maiden 666 (Brazil)

♦Special presentation on Girls on drums 5, on the main stage with the greatest drummers of Brazil

♦Girls on Drum Festival 2014

Social Medias


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