Edu Garcia

Classical piano student in the Conservatório de Música Ars At Scientia do Brasil  (CMASB) since the age of seven year old, he was invited to play the drums when he completed ten years. When he was thirteen years and after six years dedicated to study do piano lessons, he definitely opted to the drums. Started to study firstly with Wilson Dias, then later with Mauricio Leite.

Free-lancer for country musician to the singer Paula Hunter during 2 years and a half, playing in festivals and concerts around Brazil as the Rodeio de Barretos e Rodeio de Recife, along with Ivete Sangalo, Rick & Renner, among other national artists.

Having as his specialty "play heavy" was invited to participate in the matter of Vinnie Paul, ex Pantera drummer, making the transcripts of significant songs and commenting for the "Revista Batera & Percussão". Also playing in the band Unscarred, tribute to Pantera - www.panteratribute.net.

Also recorded with Alexandre Garcia and Fernando Costa (some of their work: Inox, Golpe de Estado) the cd Crow & the Crow's band, progressive instrumental rock, the Emerson style,  Lake and Palmer. Played in the band Threat from 2001 to 2012 launching two cds, "Heaven to Overthrow" (2007) and "Overcome" (2012). Participated in tv report conveyed in all metal magazines specialist as Roadie Crew, Rock Brigade, Rock Hard Valhalla, MTV magazine, Revista da Jovem Pan, among other, radio programs for passage and specialized tv programs.

Participating in important shows as opening for Anthrax at Credicard Hall (SP) in 2005, "Maquinaria Rock Fest" playing with Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard, Sepultura, Misfits, among other bands in May 2008. Also presented at the Joey Belladonna (Anthrax) side and in the end of August 2008 left to germany, where he made a presentation in world's largest metal festival the "Wacken Open Air" playing at the Iron Maiden side, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Exodus, Kreator, among other.

In january 2008, participated in an article of Modern Drummer magazine being one of the magazine spotlight, passing lessons and tips about double bass and double pedal. Launched its dvd titled "Drummin with threat" at expomusic in 2008. Receiving drummers friends as Aquiles Priester, Mauricio Leite, Alexandre Aposan (Oficina G3), Fernando Schaefer, among others and fans. Having coverage and review made by Crew Roadie magazine, receiving 4 stars. In the magazine Roadie Crew from March 2009 Edu was elected 4th best drummer, selected by readers for the best drummer award in 2008.

In april 2009 Edu Garcia lessons were published in the session "Só vale se tocar" from Modern Drummer Brazil magazine. His personal website release creates a lot of curiosity and friends and fans access in the beginning of 2010. In march 2010 was again remembered by the readers of Roadie Crew magazine, and elected the 8 best drummer in 2009 .

In november 2009 month, Edu Garcia begins a partnership with guitarist Silas Fernandes, in which participates also Felipe Andreoli (Angra). Playing in several shows as in the Guitar Player Festival. In 2010, did a mini tour for all EM&TS, music one of the most respected musci school in Brazil, where he recorded a live dvd, which was launched in the Expomusic in 2011.

In march 2011, the Modern Drummer magazine has made a special report for the #100 edition as subject Drums history in Brazil and Edu Garcia had his name mentioned as part of heavy metal history in the decade of 1990 and along with Max Kolesne (Krisiun), Jean Dolabella (ex-Sepultura), Rodrigo Oliveira (Korzus), among others. In july 2011, Edu Garcia signs sponsorship with Pearl Drums, drums that he always used in all its projects.

In 2012, after a working year as a Sepultura drum-tech, Edu Garcia started to work exclusively as drummer, recording in the end of october his second dvd, this time, having more instructional focus, explaining Skank beats with a special bonus material. Some own work will be presented in this dvd as the band Homeleth (hard-progressive rock) with whom began to play in 2001 but only had your records back in 2012 and the launch will be in 2013. Joined his friends Felipe Andreoli (Angra), Antônio Araújo (Korzus) and Felipe "Urso" to play the "Tremor" project.

In january 2013 announces his entry into the band John Wayne, giving a new start and era to his career. The band is getting popular in the musical brazilian scene, attracting a new public and very faithful. The band is making the " Tempestade tour" making many shows in Brazil and documenting some for a future release.

Edu Garcia launches his new didactic dvd "Explaining the secrets of skank beat" in 08/18/13 at the Manifesto bar in SP, with distinguished guests participation as Michel Rudder (jazz master),  Banda Korzus, John Wayne, Bruno Ladislau, Eloy Casagrande and Amilcar Christófaro, beside his partners of the bands Unscarred - Pantera Tribute and John Wayne. The mini documentary event can be seen on the link: http://youtu.be/xwty86vf8nw.

In november begun the Edu Garcia's masterclasses and workshows for release of his second dvd, which extend the 2014 year.

In december, is announced new Edu Garcia's band called One Arm Away with Felipe Andreoli (Angra) in the bass, Antonio Araujo (Korzus) on guitar and vocals, and Rodrigo Fantoni on guitar. The first band live sound was in 12/05/13, in Edu Garcia music school EM&T (IP&T).

Also in 2013 december, the most famous brazilian magazine, Modern Drummer Brazil, publishes an interview with Edu Garcia, who told a bit about how was making his new dvd and new projects.

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