Ebano Santos

The gaucho Ébano Santos, from Porto Alegre (RS)
He started playing drums at the age of 12. He played in several “garage” bands until he was 18, when he started his drumming studies with professor Carlos Ovelha and soon after, with Moisés Piangers. Since then, he started to play professionally in dance bands, bars and nightclubs in the region of Serra Gaúcha.
In 1994 he met the legendary Argus Montenegro, and soon started to learn more about Brazilian rhythms. But, it was with the classes with the genius Kiko Freitas that Ébano went deep into the study of the drums.

In 1999, when he converted, he joined the Encontros de Fé Church as a contracted musician. This experience opened the door for him to play with several artists from the gospel segment, national and international, such as Marcos Witt, Ron Kenoly, Chris Durán, Davi Sacer, Gerson Santos, Marquinhos Gomes, Paulo César Baruk, Bo Järpehag, Soraya Moraes, Billy Bunster , Júnior Oliveira, Nani Azevedo, Tanlan, Evandro Alves, Luis Fontana, Asaph Borba, Fabiano Soares, Cristiane and many others. He was part of the band Êxodo, with whom he recorded two albums that were very successful, “Situation” (2002) and “Quantas Vezes Mais? ”(2004). In addition to recording several works in the studio, he recorded his first instrumental project in a duo, with keyboardist Thiago Marques, Grandense, having received excellent reviews in the specialized media.

Working in Porto Alegre, for over 20 years, Ébano Santos is one of the most requested teachers in the country. In addition to teaching hundreds of beginners on the instrument, he has already attended drummers who are true references in the national market in his studio or online classes.
In 2015, in the December issue of the American magazine specialized in drums MODERN DRUMMER, he was listed as one of the 100 TEACHERS IN THE WORLD appointed by the World Battery Ambassador, Mr. DOM FAMULARO.

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