Dudu Portes

A musician of great respect in the music field, sounding possessor and undeniable technical, entered the world of music at age 13 when, after asking the hand of his sister in marriage, his brother-now "a serious man," made him  the inheritor of his old drums.

Since his first appearance on a TV show, SS Show in 1965, success always followed him. As a jazz drummer, he participated in festivals and jams in the auditorium of the Folha de São Paulo; at the same time, he participated in the Bossa Nova movement playing in student festivals, Teatro Arena , Teatro Oficina, culminating in performances at the most important TV show at the time, in terms of MPB: "O Fino da Bossa".

Dudu Portes, in love with the new and the radical changes, jumped the squeamishness of Jazz and the prejudiced climate of Bossa Nova, for the heavy rock "O Bando" group which worked with two drums and had fallen into the graces of the "Papas do Movimento Tropicalista" Dudu Portes had now as "major sponsors" and enthusiasts, the most quoted conductors trio of motion: Julio Medaglia, Rogério Duprat and Damiano Cozzela, resulting in "Concerto para Bateria e Cordas" with Symphony and everything else. At this point he was at the road of rock and blues with Tony Ozanah, Lannie among others. Then moved to the progressive rock Scaladacida com Richie, Fabinho, Barto and Sergio Cafa. Again he left everything behing, going to Rio de Janeiro, playing "samba para turista" in the Cassino Royale, where he worked with Paulinho da Costa (the preferred percussionist one of the most famous arrangers of our time: Quincy Jones).

Homesickness and a taste for challenge, made Dudu Portes radicalize again; now he would go by percussion paths realesing new styles using whistles, rain stick, mix caxixi with leguero drum and play oil drum with clogs in country music recording. Along with de Souza Carlão, Marcinho Werneck, Rodolpho Grani and Sérgio Mineiro, set up the Grupo Água, who followed Renato Teixeira in his major hits like: Romaria, Cavalo Bravo, Frete (theme of the series Carga Pesada Globo network). Again, the féerie with he played the drums demanded: "The effect? And the catch?". There, he radicalized again now going to the fury of Humahuaca, a group of "fusion" that played heavy rock Latin music with jazz accents, exploring the extreme compounds bars. The group was very good, quickly drawing the attention of critical and important people, such as Elis Regina, who at that time was beginning to tread the path of production records and shows, along with César Camargo Mariano (her husband) and Rogério Costa (her brother) created the "TRAMA", a producer on the hunt for new talent.

In 1975 Elis took the Humahuaca to the studio; the group would record their first album. In the fourth track Humahuaca lost their drummer. Dudu Portes debuted in "Falso Brilhante" performing an old wish (the Ides of Bossa Nova seeing his singing at "Beco das Garrafas" accompanied by Dom Salvador, Serginho Barroso and the memorable Edison Machado told to himself - "I'll play with this woman), the sound was very good to do, Cesar Mariano, Natan Marques, Crispin Del Cistia and Wilson gave the freedom to create and play that Dudu Portes always wanted for his achievement as a musician - came the & Cia .. With the news of the Elis preganacy, O Falso Brilhante was forced to take a break, after all, Pedro Camargo
Mariano was coming.

At that moment ".& CIA" started a solo work by recording one of the best instrumental music albums of all time "São Paulo - Brasil", an album that resulted in a theatrical show with the same name (Dudu Portes appeared with a novelty this show: in addition to drums and percussion, he played guitar in Immigrants, Natan Marques and Crispin Del Cistia's music). After the season "& CIA." Left for recordings in studio arranging, producing and accompanying various artists like João Bosco, Simone, Rita Lee, among others. Cesar is thrilled with the heavier sound of "& CIA.," To the point that decided to share the stage with what was most significant in terms of Rock Heavy for "I ° Festival Latino Americano de Rock" in the Ibirapuera Gymnasium. And Elis? Now she was coming with new spectacle "Transversal do Tempo" and with it  doing shows. The premiere was in São Paulo, went to Rio, Porto Alegre and then Europe where Dudu Portes was consecrated as a drummer, getting critical acclaim in all the countries he has visited, receiving several invitations to work and develop a solo career. Back to Brazil, Dudu Portes decided to change everything again.

Radicalized? Yes, and this time embarked on the path of advertising and film music, having been awarded by the ABAP, Clio Awards, FIAP and Premio Colunista, among others.

After seven years as a sound director in RTV ALMAP / BBDO, Dudu Portes left for his own business riding a producer of commercials. After seven years as a studio owner and seeing that the "only entrepreneur" was not happy, DuduPortes "musician" is back on the road.

Dudu Portes has recorded with: O Bando, Gal Costa, Hermes Aquino, Walter Franco, Flying Banana, Doris Monteiro, Papete, Claudio Denis, Earl Hines, Marva Josie, Sirlan, Claudio Cartier, Amelinha, Fagner, Hanah, João Bosco, Ivan Lins, Claudia Savaget, Simone, Renato Teixeira, Almir Sater, Milton Nascimento, the Quartet, Elis Regina, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Luminous Board, Rita Lee, Dori Caymi, Heraldo do Monte, Hermeto, Arismar the Holy Spirit, Chico Batera.

Dudu Portes has played with: Bossa Tema Trio, Link 3, Cido Bianchi, Jony Alf, Stan Getz, The Bando, Gal Costa, Maria Alcina, Gilberto Gil, Vinicius and Toquinho, Quarteto em Cy, Renato Teixeira, João Ricardo, Humahuaca, Doris Monteiro, Ivan Lins, Milton Nascimento, Rita Lee, Elis Regina, Cesar Mariano, Teo de Barros, Silvia Garcia, Arismar the Holy Spirit, Hermeto, Chico Batera, Jazz Inc., among others.

Currently, Come developing electronics, percussion instruments and because of his wide experience and great knowledge of the matter, is giving advice and technical consulting for many domestic manufacturers as FISCHER, TORELLI, STAFF DRUM, LUEN and also to importers. Dudu Portes is an editorial consultant at MODERN DRUMMER magazine which keeps a column VAMUTOCÁMOÇADA. As a musician Dudu Portes is currently on tour with Renato Teixeira and Sergio Reis on the show "Amizade Sincera".

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