Douglas Maiochi

1997 started drum lessons as a boy's dream. In Minas Gerais was up to his 18 years, taking classes and honing his musical knowledge. From 18 to 20 years, he lived in Belo Horizonte willing to break down music barriers; which materialized the "Festival Coração de Estudante" being the best placed with K2 (bandak2.com.br); band that has completed 16 years on the road in 2014.

This project has 4 recorded discs and compilations as: Som Submarino, Radio Mix, Telemig Celular and the soundtrack of "Malhação" 2004. In this period went to TV programs such as Altas Horas, Ritmo Brazil, among others. He moved to São Paulo, expanded and excelled in various circumstances; from classes with renowned Giba Favery until practical experience and learning with distinguished members of Brazilian music.

In addition to the activities cited above, he has studied at the school of music and technology (EMT), state music school of São Paulo (EMESP / former ULM) under the auspices of Realcino Lima Filho (Nene), from tutoring and training for better development . Besides great professionalism, the company of teachers and encouragement,  also allowed him to teach. Since then, promote private lessons with his own instrument. In 2009 he worked as a music educator in the Projeto Guri - SP; adding the invitation he got to teach the IPT (Instituto de Percurssão e Tecnologia).

In 2013 he graduated in Erudite Percussion in Fac / Fito - Osasco - SP, under the tutelage of Roberto Saltini, a member of the "Grupo de Câmara Quarteto Novas Tendências". Currently, he is studying in ECA (Escola de Comunicação e Artes) - USP-SP as a special student.

Professionalism and competence in extreme responsibility, passing not only teaching methods, but also moral lessons, adapting the experience and art to all their students.

Socias Medias

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