Diego Gil

The Paulistano drummer Diego Gil began playing drums at age of 7.
His first contact with music was with his father, who loved many musical styles and taught Diego to listen to music and notice the distinctive timbre of each instrument.

Diego Gil studied in several places. His main teachers were: Tico Delisa, Giba Favery and Christiano Rocha.

In 2006 he began his teaching way teaching drum lessons at the IP & T (Instituto de percurssão e tecnologia) in the EM& T (Escola de Música e Tecnologia), the biggest music school in Latin America, with 5 international quality awards, where he works as a teacher until today.

In 2012 he released his first book, "Explorando Diferentes Divisões", which explores solo composition and development of phrasing in drums, using the concepts of cross-rhythm and displacement of rhythmic figures.

Diego currently operates in jingles recordings in several producing audio and in his private studio. Follow the singer Rhaissa Bittar also follow the saxophonist Doddo Silva and is in the process of recording his first solo album.

Diego Gil has played with Celso Pixinga, Sa & Guarabyra, Claudio Machado, Banda Havana Brazil. For eight years he played with the ball bands The Flavours, New Flavours, Action Band and Band Prime. Also he has played with the singer Mariana Galli, Dalme, Banda Latin Lovers, Mr. Big Cover band, Rush Cover Band, Banda Los Sonidos, Dani Black, Kleber Oliveira, Ulisses Miyazawa, Bruno Alves, etc.

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