Deth Santos

Drummer since the age of 16, is a member and founder of Mr.16 Notes project (progressive instrumental band) is known nationally and internationally in the musical field.

In Brasilia, where he was born, has played with various names of the local music scene, such as Digão (singer Raimundos), Joash Sousa (Gospel) and Rodrigo Rocha (guitarist and producer), in addition to working as a sideman accompanying several national artists and international and Simony (eg Balloon Magic) and Roy Steffan (former Menudo). It also actively participates in recordings in various musical styles.

He attended the New York edition of Thomas Lang Drumming Bootcamp in June 2010 in the prestigious Drummers Collective School of Music, with participation of great drummers Thomas Lang (teacher), Jojo Mayer and Billy Ward (guests).

After a selection of great musicians, Deth Santos was chosen to be the new drummer of the band of Power Metal, Vougan. Band that was one of the selected to perform at the festival Progressive Nation at Sea, organized by former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, held in a Miami cruise to the Bahamas in 2014.

Deth Santos is always enhancing his presentations, and has been invited to give his drum workshops for a large number of interested parties which can show his art and share his musical experiences.

About his drumsticks the drummer always says, "I have an eternal debt of gratitude to Liverpool because they made the best stick in the world! It seems like it was made for me." Jokes the musician who has signed his drumsticks.

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