Born in São Paulo in 1972, he started playing at the age of eleven, influenced by bands like Beatles, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin etc. Professionally he started his musical works playing in cover bands in the late 80's. In 1993 he was invited by vocalist Catalau (ex-Golpe de Estado) to participate in a project in his Blues band. At the same time he made recordings with the group Aftazardem.

In 1994 he participated in the release of the CD Zumbi by the band Golpe de Estado. In 1995, he formed the group Caça Níqueis (Blues Rock) performing numerous shows around the country. In addition to his band, he started working with the big names of the National Blues, highlighting the works with Lancaster Blues Band, Clara Ghimel, Dr. Feelgood Blues Combo, Martini Blues, André Christovam, Big Chico Blues Band, Big Gilson (ex- Big Alambique), Celso Salim, Sergio Duarte and Entidade Joe, among others. He also worked with Jazz, MPB and Pop musicians, such as Cláudio Celso, AJAC 4, Carlos Vieira Trio, Lady Zú, Luciana Venâncio, K-Van Band, 111 Rock Clube and Nasi (ex Ira!).

Nowadays, works with the bands Jack Rabbit, Montana Blues, Caça Nìqueis and with the trio of guitarist Faiska. (Faiska Trio - Instrumental).

In relation to her career as a teacher, she started to give drum lessons at the Marcelo Tupinambá musical conservatory from 1993 to 1996, at Espaço Violação in 1998, at Ritmus School from 2000 to 2003 and at the School of Music and Technology (EMT- IPT ) from 2001 to the present.

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