Bruno Medeiros

Born in Rio de Janeiro, on 02 August 1980. Interested in music since he was 10 years old. His family encouraged him to study, but at first they did not know that they were showing the wrong instrument, a keyboard. But it lasted only two months. His motivation was to study to play with his friends at the church. When he was 11 years old his first opportunity came along, an opportunity that changed his life, because there are more than two decades playing drums.

Very motivated and getting results, since the Ministry of Praise your church, he never stopped studying even being self-taught. He began to acquire video-lessons to improve his technique. Until the day he met his first teacher, Marquinhos Santanna, it was in 1995. After his visit to Rio with Metanoya band, for a presentation of his church, checking Bruno's interest and talent gave him an opportunity and started the first lessons at his music school in SP (Music Ville).

The year 1998 was very good to Bruno, he worked with the vocal group Kades Singers, was where he had his first job with a professional band, a Soul band which at the time was at its peak in the gospel scene of Rio de Janeiro.

From 2000, his musicality was well diversified, having followed the drums studies and popular percussion with the respected professor, Jorge Casagrande. During his course at the School of drummer Jorge Casagrande, came the invitation to join the Orchestra drummers Jorge Casagrande, well known in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

That same year, with the help of his master, he got a great technical and theoretical knowledge which gave him confidence to give drum lessons in Rio de Janeiro.

Currently, Bruno Medeiros is a drummer to the gospel singer Chris Duran and the Grupo Complexo J Complex (pioneering band in the national gospel) that returned and is preparing a commemorative work of 30-year career, and has also worked in studios and worked as an educator. Thus, he became a major influencer and a renowned consultant to drummers, as Williams Mello, Camilo Mariano, Serginho Herval, Heitor Lima among others.

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