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Liverpool is the largest manufacture of drumsticks in Brazil and its story goes back 25 years when it started to produce drumsticks to supply the samba schools participating in the Brazilian carnival.

Drumstick anatomy

The anatomy of the stick is made by shaft, shoulder, neck and tip, learn about its features and how you could know the correct type for your pace.

About our woods

Liverpool makes the best drumsticks in Brazil and uses only the finest raw materials. Get to know our noble and exotic woods and their special characteristics.

Choosing your Drumsticks

The characteristics that we should evaluate when buying drumsticks are: quality of the wood, wood fibers, weight, length and diameter, tips and others.

What's going on

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Drumstick's History

Before the 1950s, there were no companies specializing in making drumsticks. The manufacturers of drums and other percussion instruments themselves made and marketed the drumsticks. There were also far fewer models than today and their names were given according to the application. Since that time, the three most common designations are drumsticks "A", "B" and […]

Products Catalog

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Choosing your drumstick

The characteristics that you should evaluate when buying drumsticks are:  Quality of Wood: Opt for solid Woods with good resistance.  Quality drumsticks should: have well-distributed density; be free of knots, holes, and cracks; not be wet or warped; not have any other imperfections that may compromise  their use or durability.  Wood Fibers: Fibers should be […]



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