The characteristics that you should evaluate when buying drumsticks are:

  •  Quality of Wood: Opt for solid Woods with good resistance.  Quality drumsticks should: have well-distributed density; be free of knots, holes, and cracks; not be wet or warped; not have any other imperfections that may compromise  their use or durability.

 Wood Fibers: Fibers should be uniform from tip to butt without splinters or roughness.

•    Weight:  Each drumstick in the pair should be of equal weight unless purposely mismatched for special use – a rare exception!  This characteristic has great influence on the balance and uniformity of the timbres.

•    Length and Diameter: Test different models and see which gives you the best feeling in your hands and arms.  Thicker sticks are more durable but are not the best option for musical styles that require a lighter touch.  Talking about the length, we advise you to create a measure that is an “extension of your arms” to the drum kit.  Longer sticks will give you a longer reach but they will be heavier.

•    Tips:  Wood tips give a natural sound that is generally softer.  A good wood tip should have a well-defined circumference and be free of surface cracks.  Nylon tips produce a more brilliant sound, especially on the cymbals, and are more durable.  A good nylon tips should be well affixed be solid, without notable imperfections, and have a well-defined shape.

•    Balance:  A pair of drumsticks of equal weight is identified as “balanced”.  “Balanced” sticks give more control on both attack and rebound, and produce similar timbres.

•    “Feel”:  Hold the drumsticks the same way you will use them when you are playing to get the “feel” of the stick. Roll and tap each stick on a hard, flat surface like a counter or table .  Check the sound quality and vibration of each stick.  Don’t purchase sticks that sound hollow, buzz or vibrate, are cracked or crooked.  “Feel” if the pair gives you the desired comfort, control, sensitivity, sound quality, volume and good grip.  A good drumstick should give you at least most of the desired qualities.

  •  Signature Drumsticks:  If you find a model developed by your favorite drummer and want to try it out, remember that they should have exact sized listed so you can determine if they will fit your style.  Everything depends on your style while playing.  Even after all the specs and tips, the choice of your drumstick is very personal.  There are many professional drummers that use up to 3 different models.  Make a wise choice and choose the best stick that match your style!

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