You choose the wood.  Success chooses you.

Liverpool makes the best drumsticks in Brazil and uses only the finest raw materials. Get to know our noble and exotic woods and their special characteristics.

American Hickory

Flexible and high-impact resistant, hickory is the preferred wood of most drummers.  This wood is also considered by the majority of drummers to be the most comfortable during heavy striking.

It is characterized by a refined timbre that originates a full and versatile sound quality.


Superb characteristics of elasticity and density produce an intermediate and softer sound.

The lighter weight of the wood allows more agility and comfort for those who prefer a drumstick with larger diameter and grip. If you are thinking about cost-benefit, this is the best option to you.


Brazilian Wood

Purple Heart wood is heavy and hard, with an excellent resistance, beautiful and bright.  Long wearing drumstick with incredible, natural purple coloring, vibrant texture and great rebound.

Eco Jatobá

Eco Jatoba is a heavy wood with low flexibility and high resistance. The finish has a low luster and it is less smooth.  This drumstick creates a louder sound on the drums and bright definitions on cymbals.

detalhe madeira ecojatoba Eco Bio

Eco Bio is a heavy and hard wood that offers the ideal volume and attack for the drummer that prefers a stick with a smaller diameter and grip.   This wood has a high luster, medium texture, and excellent durability

detalhe madeira ecobio

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