Since 1993 giving rhythm to your sound!

Liverpool is the largest drumstick

manufacturer in Latin America and began its history in 1993, producing drumsticks for samba schools in the Brazilian carnival. Passionate about rhythms, a few years later, we specialized in creating a professional line, suited to the needs of Brazilian drummers, who until then, had only the option of imported drumsticks. Today the products are distributed in more than 25 countries. The company continues its evolution constantly, it has more than 500 items including drumsticks and accessories for percussion drums.

Care for quality comes first and the drumsticks are made with carefully selected wood, free of impurities. Manufacturing meets the highest level of quality demanded by drummers, many models have original characteristics of the company, such as head shape, body, and wood used. Pairs are made up of drumsticks with identical coloring, weight, length, diameter, timbre, head and neck shape, free of warping or any other deformity that could compromise grip, balance, or rebound. This makes Liverpool drumsticks a top-of-the-line, carefully crafted, and market-leading product.

The company is located in Jaraguá do Sul/SC. In addition to serving all of Brazil, we have the export part that serves some countries such as: Australia, Ecuador, France, Indonesia, and others.

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