Produtos Liverpool

LL 2BM – Classic Series Marfim 2B with wood tip

Large oval tip, slightly rounded.  Ideal for styles that are heavy and loud,

LL 2BN – Classis Series 2B with nylon tip

Large oval nylon tip. Extremely bright sound with great definition on cymbals.

LL 3AM – Classic Series Marfim 3A with wood tip

Large round tip, slightly barrel shaped.  Excelent dynamics on snares and

LL 5AM – Classic Series Marfim 5A with wood tip

Medium-sized, oval-shaped tip, slightly barrel-shaped. The 5A is the most used

LL 5AN – Classic Series 5A with nylon tip

Medium Nylon tip.  A cross between oval and barrel-shaped. Extremely bright

LL 5BM – Classic Series Marfim 5B with wood tip

Large Arrow-Shaped tip, slightly oval.  Gives more attack, weight and volume

LL 5BN – Classic Series 5B with nylon tip

Large Nylon tip.  A cross between arrow-shaped and oval. Extremely bright

LL 7AM – Classic Series Marfim 7A with wood tip

Small oval tip.  Perfect for light rhythms like Jazz, Bossa Nova or

LL 7AN – Classic Serires 7A with nylon tip

Small, nylon, oval-shaped tip. Extremely bright sound with great definition on

LL FUS – Classic Serires FUSION with wood tip

Medium, round tip. Perfect drumstick for playing Jazz and other related styles

Liverpool 2016.

Development by GETCON.