Tokata 30

Musical institution proposing the union of traditional musical pedagogies with other contemporary, with the objective of expand student skills, making them able to interpret, understand and use different languages, besides master the use of technological resources necessary for their musical development.
We are an Institute of Music which aims to use methods established in the music market. Thus, we offer sources to form a creative professional inserted in the global market, a conscious connoisseur and an amateur musician  during weekends.
Inaugurated in March 2004 and now under the direction of Kaka Barros, the Tokata has a complete and modern structure, with several classrooms with acoustic treatment and modern equipment. Also: Cultural Event, Workstations, Study Room, Rehearsal Studio, Repair Workshop and Instrument Maintenance, Music shop, lockers with individual keys and Snack Bar.

Liverpool 2016.

Development by GETCON.