Rud Duarte


Rudge Rodrigo Duarte.
Artistic name RUD DUARTE, born in Suzano SP. Acts as Professional Drummer throughout the Paraíba Valley region and parts of Brazil since 2005.
Of Christian origin, the musician had in 2001 his first contact with the drums in the church he attended. After discovering great love for the instrument began a routine of daily studies using video lessons and CDs, borrowed from friends.
After many years Rud took lessons with the drummer Binho Pinto.
In 2005, Rud had his first experience as a professional musician and has since then decided that this would be his profession for life.
In 2007 he began working with great bands of the scene Pop and Rock in his area.
As a result of his discipline on the instrument in 2009, Rud began teaching drum lessons at prestigious schools in São José dos Campos and Jacarei. Then he began ministering Workshops.
Over time, the drummer has developed a wide musical vocabulary teaching large workshops, bringing precise lessons for all levels, especially for its excellent teaching to share on the instrument. Rud still brings in his workshop Music Copyright Instrumental, big difference to the current music scene.
With great experience, the musician has made recordings by major studios in his area for several segments, as Metal, Rock, Pop, Progressive, Gospel, Instrumental.
Rud Duarte is Endorser:
Drumsticks Liverpool
Saluda Cymbals which also works in marketing management.
Drum Covers – Protective Covers for cymbals.
It is currently the drummer for the Band / Baile (Banda Gostoso Veneno) that completes 20 years of road in 2014. It also operates in several other projects as Free Lancer and continue solidifying increasingly his workshops.

Liverpool 2016.

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