Ruben Pato Romero

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Shielding drummer since 1985 Paranaense band rooted national projection in Curitiba.

Living in Rio de Janeiro with the band managed to establish itself as a national of musician since then has been conducting an intense shows, recordings, lectures, workshops, compositions, musical productions etc.

In his curriculum we can mention the shield of discography (Standard Worker, Face and Crown Uncertain Days). Also participating in recordings with other artists from Paraná, he teaches in his school des 1985 to train professionals in the art of drumming.

Endorsee of MAPEX drum brand for a year was soon invited to join for 8 years of the team PEARL another prestigious drum brand known worldwide, participating in the 2nd CD of Brasilian Team (series of CDs produced by PEARL with the participation of all the drummers endorsee national brand).

Currently endorsee brand RMV (drums, skins, cymbals, etc.) And also the drumsticks SUPER SAFIRA mod. Ruben “Pato” Romero.

Doing workshops around the country, and participating in various events such as meeting drummers, festivals, etc. alongside established names like the John Barone, Claudio Infante, Albino Infantozzi, Cuca Teixeira, Charles Gavin, Duda snows, Vera Figueiredo, Ricardo Confessori Mauricio Leite, Dudu Portes, Joe Nazario, Giba Favery, etc.

As a member of MINSTREL band (Heavy Metal) recorded one demo cd participating in arrangements and some authorships together.

His most recent work was an instrumental CD Solo “QUE BUENO” with compositions of his own, in partnership with other musicians, Sando Silva, Zica da Silva, having made the production, musical direction etc.

Participated of the JAZZ FESTIVAL CASCAVEL editions I, IV, V and finally the special edition X celebration, presenting his CD QUE BUENO with the full band 8 musicians with success and great acceptance of the public, media etc. side of the sacred singers as Celso Pixinga, Dudu Portes, Robby Silva, Yamandú, Hermeto Pascoal among others. Currently working intensely with the band Blindagem (where recently released a DVD in the theater Guaira with the Symphonic Orchestra Of Paraná), the Caras, and Rock Projet aiming repertoire of classics of Rock’n Roll of all time.

While managing his music school RUBEN PATO ROMERO

F: (41) 3224-2869


Liverpool 2016.

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