Hadoldo Ferretti (Skank)

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Haroldo Ferretti Julio de Souza was born in Belo Horizonte and is a drummer of the band Skank since its foundation.

The drummer joined the band in 1991 when Samuel Rosa and Henrique Portugal, members of the former band of reggae Pouso Alto, received an invitation to perform in São Paulo. At the time, Haroldo and Lelo Zanetti were invited by the businessman Fernando Furtado to play in the show.

That same year, the band has been renamed Skank and had the first album released in 1992. According to Haroldo even still the era of vinyl disc, the band decided to release the album on CD in order to draw the attention of journalists and labels. The innovation caught the attention of Sony Music label, which reissued the album in 1993.

Haroldo had in his house, where he lived with his family, a studio where the band often rehearsed and recorded. He was responsible for recording and archiving the makeshift studio, all that the band produced at the time, including the shows they were doing. Thanks to this, the Skank can launch in 2012, the “Skank 91” disc, a CD with all the songs that were part of that first band show.

Haroldo has always involved with music. His mother was a piano teacher at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. It does not influenced his choice of music career, but at the time he decided so, he had the full support of his family.

Self-taught, Haroldo never attended drum lessons, and the choice for the instrument began plainly. Before Skank, Haroldo had an amateur band, with friends, called Circuito Fechado, and in the meetings to play and sing, he ended up choosing the drums, as the other members were already playing the other instruments.

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