Geraldo Abdo

Geraldo Abdo


The Drummer Geraldo Abdo, from Rio de Janeiro, already has his name registered in the history of Brazilian gospel music, is a great reference for many drummers and musicians throughout Brazil.

Since 1989 Gerard is a member of consecrated gospel Novo Som band, a reference in the Pop / Rock style in the segment. He began playing early, had his first contact with the instrument when he was 7 years old. He studied general theory and drum techniques with several private tutors, in 2010 studied basic piano with Maestro Eber Carvalho. At age of 12 years old already accompanied singers and duos in Country music of the time.

When he was 15 years old, was invited to play in the Sonoro group, to replace the original drummer who was unable to make events that occasion, Sonoros was a great gospel band in the 70 and 80. Between 1983 and 1985 Geraldo remained traveling with Sonoros, where he had the opportunity to record his first album in 1984, in vinyl, having his first experience in large studio, and due to their live performances has begun to have his name commented by musicians since that time. O Grupo Liberdade was the next step, and also the passport to the Novo Som.

Geraldo has his influences on Hard Rock, among other styles, and drummers like Phil Collins, Jeff Porcaro, Eric Carr, Deen Castronovo, Mike Portnoy, Karen Carpenter, Roger Taylor, etc …

He has been interviewed by the magazine Modern Drummer Brazil and Batera, among others!

In addition to the 15 CD’s Novo Som, also recorded for various singers, including Rodrigo Faro and Rosana. Currently he continues to make concert tours with the Novo Som around Brazil, a band that has surpassed more than one million copies sold, with several gold records, show abroad, and is now in the Cast of MESS ENTRETENIMENTO Records.

Besides working with Novo Som, which is also one of the artists of the band, also serves as Music Producer and teaches private drum lessons.


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