Fernado Zorzi

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Music professional since 1993, Fernando is the drummer of Orquestra Municipal de Sopros de Caxias do Sul, Big Band Municipal and Triacústico Instrumental. He has participated in shows with the Coral Municipal and numerous regional artists. School owner Musica e Cia in Caxias do Sul, professor and coordinator of the Centro Municipal de Cultura de Gramado; DM Escola de Música em Farroupilha, and Prelúdio Centro Musical LTDA in Caxias do Sul.

Through his work and shows performed by the Orquestra Municipal, Fernando had the
opportunity to work with the following artists: Ivan Lins, Leila Pinheiro, Guilherme Arantes, Dwight Satterwigth (USA), Fred Mills (Canada), Mark Whitlock (USA), Dr. Glen Hemberger (USA), Giovanni Luisi (Italy), Laszlo Marosi (Hungary), Karin Fernandes (Tatuí / SP), Adalto Soares (SP) Gilmar Goulart (UFSM / RS), Edmundo Villani Cortez, Dario Sotelo and Marcelo Jardim (SP), Jorginho do Trompete, Tango’s Show, Cristiano Quevedo, Free Note Jazz Quartet, Fernando Aver Jazz Trio, Infra Blue, among others.  As a guest musician participated in concerts with the Orquestra Municipa de Carlos Barbosa and Orquestra sinfônica da UCS.
Fernando has recorded with
• Free Note Jazz Quartet – Jazz Brazil;

• Infra Blue – Acoustic Thing;

• Fernando Zorzi – solo CD – compilation album jobs and solos;

• Encontro das Águas – Rafael Boni and Valdir Verona

• Abero – Canto Fronteiro

• Triacústico Instrumental.

• Mosaico – Coral Municipal de Caxias do Sul.

Conducted workshops and clinics in Caxias do Sul, Gramado, Três Coroas, Taquara, Sapiranga, São Francisco de Paula, Flores da Cunha, Antonio Prado and Farroupilha, always addressing the main issues about the drums. Since 2005, Fernando promotes “bateria in concert”, in Gramado. Currently, Fernando has been dedicated to the research of South Americans rhythms and gaucho culture, and the development of a new methodology of teaching the instrument. The method “Bateria Elementar” and “Bateria Fundamental – Vol I”, are being finalized to be edited and released, both by Fernando Zorzi. Fernando is parocinado by Octagon Cymbals; Liverpool Drumsticks – with the signed model hickory and Bombo Legüero Palanq.

Liverpool 2016.

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