Escola de Música Arte Maior


In September 1988 started in Joinville a totally different music school. It was beginning a new way to teach music in Joinville.
Besides the desire to provide quality music education, there was also a proposal to develop sensitivity, involvement and love for music. The years passed and the Arte Maior was becoming more solid and dynamic, continuously improving their teachers and their team.
Advised by TG Music and the Faculdade Internacional de Música Souza Lima, the Arte Maior offers stringed instruments, blow, keys, percussion, vocal technique, theory, harmony and improvisation, practice bands, DJ, music production, group classes and  child musicalization.
Aimed at motivating their students and knowing the importance of live performances, the Arte Maior produces several events during the year. Among them are the “Festival de Banda”, shows at the Teatro Juarez Machado and shows at several points of the city. The event schedule is always updated and available on the school website, as well as records of past events.
– The Arte Maior contributed to the development and training of my children since 2006. The music and the influence of teachers, not only contribute to the musical education, but for the intellectual, social, and especially to Gustavo and Luiza.
The Arte Maior has an environment, to share experiences, discover their skills and recognize colleagues skills as well .
The dedication and the love I feel for all school team makes me safe and quiet in spare no effort to keep my children here.
“Maria Jose Varela school mother students”

– The Arte Maior stands for values talent and stimulates the artistic spirit of the students.
“Amanda Elisa Cardoso Student of Vocal Technique”

– The Arte Maior offers great opportunities and investing in the students talent.
“Matheus Tureck Guitar Student”

Liverpool 2016.

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