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About the school

EM&T – one school without any comparison

The EM&T – Escola de Música e Tecnologia, was established with the support of major companies like Colégio Objetivo, Mix FM, C&A, Terra Networks, multinational brands such as Yamaha, Fender, Shure, Gibson, Ibanez, Oberheim, AKG, Marshall, Laney, Peavey, Crate, Roland and the national ones Tagima, Warm Music, Spears, Giannini, Liverpool, Santo Angelo, Onerr, ELO. There are 70 brands of instruments and equipment.

The EM&T promoted a revolution in the teaching of music and has been featured in almost all TV networks and printed media in the country. Its prestige is also recognized abroad, many students come and also five international quality certificates. These certificates were awarded to EM&T due to its methodology, facilities and level of services provided to students, putting the school among the most modern and well equipped music schools around the world.

So, forget what you know about music schools and come to EM&T. “The Land of Music in Brazil.”

Liverpool 2016.

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