Ébano Santos – Christ’s drummer

Ébano Santos

Gaucho drummer, born in the city of Novo Hamburgo, began playing drums at the age of 12.

He played in several bands of “garage” until his 18 years, when he started his drums studies with Professor Carlos Ovelha and, soon after, with Moisés Piangers. Since then, he has been playing professionally in balls bands, bars and nightclubs in the Serra Gaucha region.

In 1994 he met Argus Montenegro (In Memoriam), and soon began to learn more about Brazilian rhythms. He studied for years with Argos and then started to study with his, Zé Montenegro.

In 1999, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and became part of the Igreja Encontros de Fé. Since then became part of the group of musicians maintained by this ministry. He has played with many national and international singers like Paulo Figueiró, Marcos Witt, Chris Durán, Davi Sacer, Gerson Santos Marquinhos Gomes, Paulo César Baruk, Bo Järpehag, Soraya Moraes, Ron Kenoly, Billy Bunster, Junior Oliveira, Nani Azevedo, TanLan Evandro Alves, Luis Fontana, Asaph Borba, Fabiano Soares, Cristiane and many others.

He also studied with Kiko Freitas and was part of the band Exodus, which was very successful in every state and recorded two CDs: “Situação” (2002) and “Quantas Vezes Mais?” (2004).

He also recorded with Junior Oliveira, Evandro Alves, Mário Alves, Patricia Campos, Evandro Alves, Paulo Figueiró, Adriana Paz, Henry and Rafael Nestor Di Bridge, Mishael, and Fernando, Vagner Melo, Rosimeri Fontana and many other gospel singers from the country southern.

He was part of the band of gospel singer Junior Oliveira, the city of São Leopoldo, who performed several southern cities, while continuing also as a musician of the Ministério Encontros da Fé. Conducts workshops and masterclasses throughout the country and has dedicated his time to give drum lessons in your small little school “Bateristas para Cristo”, which since the beginning of its activities has served more than 500 students, where in addition to teaching the art of music, prioritizes teaching the conduct of the Christian musician in the relationship with family, other musicians, in the church, in the studio, at concerts, or rather to be someone who is the best expression of Christ’s love for all.

Liverpool 2016.

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