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“The drummer’s Life is not easy. What drummer has never been asked or wondered about is why play this bulky, full of adjustments, laborious instrument? An harmonica, for example, makes it simpler, you carry the instrument in your pocket, and that is it, you are equipped to your show. Nevertheless, someone always has to do the hard work! It is difficult or not, labor or simple, I chose the drums. The more energetic of the instruments through which I can completely express myself .”

He was born and raised in a very musical environment, influenced by a multi-instrumentalist father also passionate to music, Daniel began his drum studies at age 12, taking lessons at the Jaime Pladevall’s music school (Solar trio, Casa do Marimbondo, Dorival Caymmi, among others). Soon, he entered the world of rock and began double bass studies and other techniques as a self-taught, adding all the musical knowledge that came from his life experience to the gender which he had more affinity – the heavy metal.

Working since 2001 as drummer for the heavy metal band Hellish War, Daniel accumulated great experiences over the past years.


After the tour promoting live work “Live in Germany”, the Hellish War prepares the realease of their fourth studio album, “Keep it Hellish,” out in Europe and Asia by Pure Steel Records; in Brazil, the album will be distributed by Voice Music. Next European tour scheduled for Oct / 2013.


– Daniel Person becomes one of endorsees of Meinl cymbals and the in-ear monitors Power Click.

– Daniel Person launches Meinl Drummers blog (www.meinldrummers.blogspot.com), which conducts exclusive interviews with other renowned drummers who use the MEINL cymbals, brand which he is endorser;

– After the Orkut success in 2010, the Hellish War songs are selected to be part of the application Facebook Guitar Flash, generating over 250,000 access in less than 6 months;


– Hellish War signs contract with Hellion Records to release live album “Live in Germany”, including recorded shows made in the European tour from 2009;

– Launch of the Hellish War songs in the game Guitar Flash on Orkut, generating more than 1 million proved accesses;

– Tour in some of São Paulo’s cities with the Enchanter (USA) and Split Heaven (Mexico) bands.


– European tour including 8 shows in Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and promoting in France and Germany;

– Hellish War signs contract with the German company Pure Steel Records to re-release their first two albums with distribution throughout Europe and Asia;

– Hellish War participates in the soundtrack of the American production Knockout Secrets, DVD documentary on combat sports;

– Hellish War is the only Brazilian band to participate in the Reunation CD (Remedy Records), the official tribute to the German band Running Wild.

2005 – 2008

– Release of the second Cd of Hellish War, named “Heroes of Tomorrow”, indicated by large companies from the specialized media as one of the best releases of the year;

– Daniel Person receives 2008 Best Drummer Award in commemoration event to Rock Day, organized by the city of Campinas, a city with over 1 million inhabitants;

– Hellish War participate in the opening concert of big names in rock / metal world, as Saxon, U.D.O (Accept), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest) and Shaman.

In addition to the work with the Hellish War, Daniel currently operates also as a studio musician, participating in recordings and long tour in Brazil between 2007 and 2008 with the rock band The Flanders. It is also drummer of hard rock bands Dualive and Iron Fist (Official Brazilian Motörhead Cover).

Daniel Person is endorser of the Meinl cymbals (//meinlcymbals.com/artists/Artist/show/daniel-person-596) and in-ear monitors Power Click. The press and the Hellish War management is coordinated by the sound of the Dharma, and the record companies responsible for the release of the band are the Hellion Records (Brazil) and Pure Steel Records (Europe and Asia).


website www.danielperson.com.br

Facebook www.facebook.com/hellishwar

Phone 55 19 8148-9717

Twitter www.twitter.com/hellishwar

email danielperson_br@yahoo.com

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