Café de Jesus

Cafe De Jesus

Became interested in music at the age of ten, his first instrument was a guitar, but only at fifteen drums came to be his definitive instrument. From there, he began studying at the Centro de Criatividade Musical do Recife, which in his concept was “the best school in the world” because it was there where he could be known in the music area of Recife. At the same time, he also studied at the Conservatório Pernambucano de Música (traditional school in music education in Recife). Had as drum teacher called Jocemar Ribeiro (Bingo) – his idol, Cid Cruz, Jadiel, Barreto (percussionist of the Symphonic Orchestra of Recife), Mauritius Quiappeta and others who he saw playing and consider like teachers, participants of his musical training as Adelson Silva, Carlos Bala, etc.

At eighteen he signed a contract with the Gospel Record, which participated in the Banda Nova, the first band to bring gospel music to the northeast. At twenty he was playing with the best musicians from Recife musical scenario, having the opportunit to work on Fernando Castelao game show at the Teatro Guararapes, where his brilliant performance led him to work alongside artists of MPB as Alceu Valenca, Dominguinhos, Osvaldinho the accordion, Jair Rodrigues, Beto Barbosa, Cristina Amaral, Marines and His People, Genaro – the Northeast Trio, Arlindo of Eight Dutch and others.

It did not take long before his work was projected internationally, and in 1997 lived for a few months in Asia (Saudi Arabia), and Europe, following the well-known harper Jessy Person.

He is currently sponsored by the company Octagon plates, Liverpool drumsticks and Gope skins, he took part of the big drums and jazz festivals, making workshop, workshow, and drum workshops throughout the region, always accompanied by great musicians like Hélio Silva – Bass, and Kleyton Wanderley – keyboard; together they form the “Café Trio”. Today Café operates in the best studios in the north-northeast and the Rio – Sao Paulo recording great artists. Preparing their first CD and DVD-class which will show all his musicality.

Liverpool 2016.

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