Bruno Alves

Bruno Alves0029

Bruno alves0029

Bruno Alves began his studies at the age of eight and when he was seventeen entered the professional market. Throughout his career he has played and recorded with famous names in Brazilian music, such as Arthur Maia, Roger Franco, Paula Fernandes, Alexandre Pires, Tomato, Maurício Manieri, Jair Rodrigues, Jairzinho Oliveira, Sandra de Sá, Paula Lima, Thalles Roberto (Gospel), Ana Paula Valadão (gospel), André Valadão (gospel), David Quinlan (gospel), Soraya Moraes (gospel), Eli Smith (gospel), New Group Dimension, David Fantazzini (Fame), Humberto Diniz (Idols ), Keyla Vilaca (Idols), Karol Candido (High School Music), Jader Joanes among others.
Currently Bruno plays with bands and artists from Minas Gerais, he teaches in his home studio, works in recordings and promotes workshops and clinics promoting his solo album ARMAGEDDON.
Bruno Alves is endorsee Yamaha Drums, Cymbals Krest and Liverpool Drumsticks.

Liverpool 2016.

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