Bruna Barone

Foto Bruna Barone

Her first contact with music was at age of six, with piano lessons.

She has always beens interested in the drums,  her studies began when se was 14 years old Giba Favery the IP&T (Instituto de Percussão e Tecnologia), where she graduated in 2010. Although IP & T, studied with Christiano Rocha for another three years.

Interested in expanding her knowledge in Brazilian rhythms, she studied with Vera Figueiredo, in IBVF (Instituto de Bateria Vera Figueiredo), for five years.

She had classes with Pascoal Meirelles, Ramon Montagner and Kiko Freitas. She studied popular percussion with Dinho Gonçalves and also cajón with Luciano Khatib. In 2014 she restarted her piano lessons with Debora Gurgel.

In the US participated in Cleveland, Drum Fantasy Camp, attending classes and masterclasses with Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, Tommy Igoe, Thomas Lang and Jojo Mayer. In Boston, she attended the Berklee Percussion Festival, studying with Robert Kaufman, Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Pete Lockett, Casey Scheuerell, Ron Savage, Michael Ringquist, Ernesto Diaz and Jerry Leake. In New York had private lessons with John Riley, Dom Famularo, Jimmy Cobb, Larry Lelli and Mauricio Zottarelli.

Invited by Vera Figueiredo, presented at the 13th edition of Batuka! Brazil International Drum Fest, which also had Dom Famularo, Damien Schmitt, Robby Ameen, Aquiles Priester, Quintino Cinalli, Fabiana Fonseca and Renato Martins participation.

Participated in the 15th edition of Brazil Tap Festival, following big names in the world tap as Jason Samuels Smith, Christiane Matallo, Nicholas Young and Corinne Karon.

In recent years, he has been working in musical theater, where she was a drummer of the orchestra and Rehearsal of Cabaret and Crazy For You shows, both produced and starred by Claudia Raia. Also made appearances playing in Mágico de OZ, Rock in Rio – the musical Cabaret Luxuria.

Has a drum design with tap spectacles, the Traps & Taps and acts as feelancer performing at various events.

In the teaching area, teaches drums in institutions where she studied at the IP & T and IBVF, she also coordinates the course called Finale. Besides these, teaches drums to children in a bilingual school called British College of Brazil and makes part of the magazine Modern Drummer Brazil.

Liverpool 2016.

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