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The School of Music Bicho Grilo to 24 years has been working to better serve its students, offering through qualified and trained a technical monitoring, theoretical and pedagogical musical training.

This way of working brought us the title of recognition for the course by the Conselho Municipal de Educação-COMED\Jaraguá do Sul through the PARECER Nº 05/12. Thus, the student receives the Certificate of Completion of music Course after completing the workload of 200h.

Thus, the school wants to continue innovating to offer more educational benefits to their students. Among them, promoting the practice of practice in groups, musical performances in the community, year-end recitals and festivals of independent bands. Promoting integration, socialization and broadening of knowledge for each student.

“Music is an art that is present in every moment of our lives. Therefore, the knowledge of it only makes us magnify with so many possibilities that accompanies it. “

Liverpool 2016.

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