Augusto Borges

Augusto Borges

Augusto Borges

Augusto Borges

Full name: Augusto Vespasian Leme Borges

Name: Augusto Borges

Date of Birth: 06/12/1978

Source: Scans-Sai – RJ

Country: Brazil

Genres: MPB, Rock …

Instrument: Drum kit

Varre-Sai’s son (RJ), at age of 10 years old he moved to Recife (PE), where very soon began his musical career.

At age of 13 years old he moved to a condominium where there was a band and he had his first contacts with the drums.

In 1994 he was playing at Pernambuco’s night. And in each new show were emerging new friendships, allowing the expansion of his musical knowledge, and the opportunity to have contact with the music elements, which helped a lot in his training.

Few years later he began performing solo and thereafter were emerging new bands invitations to trio-elétrico (Carnival), bar, weddings, exhibition shows, recordings, etc. It was a time of great learning.

In 2000, returns to his origins, Varre-Sai (RJ). Soon after he moved to the city of Itaperuna RJ, a pole between the states of RJ / MG / ES, not taking too long to get into the circuit, playing: Samba, MPB, BANDA DE BAILE, ROCK recordings (Estúdio Apocalipse / Audiozoom).

In 2003 he was invited to assume the heavy drum band Corcel 74 and released the CD “Vamu cair na farra”.

Performs several concerts with bands such as: Moby Jam (Rock); Banda Zem (Pop Rock); Quarteto Hora Extra (MPB); Black Ice (Rock); Fábio Lopes (MPB); Kadim Duedel (MPB); Valber Meireles (MPB) and Jazzintape (instrumental).

As an educator, teaches a drum course (Curso livre e prático de bateria – Augusto Borges) at CECAM School (Centro Codeço de Aperfeiçoamento Musical), one pole of the Conservatorio Brasileiro de Música in the area.

In mid-2013 began the project Clinica de Bateria Agusto Borges, in order to inform and prepare beginners musicians in professional musicians … addressing topics of drums universe … (drum Woods and sticks, cymbals and alloys, tunings, rudiments, grooves , behavior and activities of a professional musician and ECT …) everything involving drums, stage and shows … the clinic works with 10 students at a time (closed group) to perform better in drums dynamics…

Parallel to his performing career, manages the store Casa da impressora – Instrumentos Musicais (Elaine Cristina Lugão Magalhães – ME) in Itaperuna.

Latest recordings:

09/07/2011 – Quarteto;

10/09/2011 – Estevan Oggioni DVD “Best of 80 ’90’ ‘

25/02/2012 – CD recording – Fabricio Aguiar

15/08/2012 – DVD Recording (A gill ta losing the war) – Kadim Duedel

03/08/2013 – CD recording (Desenvelhecendo) – Valber Meireles

04/24/2013 – CD Launch (No Judgement) – Moby Jam Band

04/26/2013 – DVD Recording (That People) Teatro Sesi – Kadim Duedel


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Augusto signs the Sticks Liverpool (Signature Augusto Borges – ECO-JATOBÁ).

Liverpool 2016.

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